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Encouragement and game

4 motor exercises for children

At three years old, children are a whirlpool of energy that needs to be well channeled. The best way is through games and exercises that amuse it and help it develop in a better way. Read More

Teach him and make him grow healthy!

Does your baby already want to walk? Before you know the benefits of crawling and teach him to take those first steps. Among the benefits of crawling are physical and cognitive development. Use the benefits of crawling in favor of your child, so teach him to take those first steps with this technique. Read More

Make it happen!

Learn the basic tips for your child to leave the diaper. Is it already big? Help your child to leave the diaper. With these tips you will get your child to leave the diaper in a simple way without damaging their self-esteem Read More

Guide them in their development

Do not you know how to increase your baby's intelligence? An application can help you achieve it. How to increase the intelligence of your baby? Digital tools are a good option. Nido launches an app to increase your baby's intelligence. Read More

Babies read lips before speaking

Babies learn to talk by listening to sounds and, above all, by reading their lips, according to research from Florida Atlantic University, published in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. Read More

Do them yourself!

How to develop children's skills? Construction toys are a good alternative. If you wonder how to develop children's skills, in toys you can find the answer. Read More

Children's brain training

One of the most amazing organs of the human body is the brain, it is in its most wonderful stage from 3 years to adolescence, training in a child is more effective because it is the moment when the brain can absorb information at a speed incredible and easily. Of course, the brain can learn throughout life, but this age period is considered a super sponge. It is the moment of the greatest capacity for learning, to start training. Read More

Toys contribute to child development

It is through play that young children learn about the world in which they live. The goal of a good toy should be to open the doors to that knowledge and leave a space for them to develop imagination and creativity, without limiting them. Therefore, when buying a toy it is important to analyze the alternatives offered before buying it and not because it is fashionable or because we ourselves would like to have had one like this in our childhood. The tastes and interests of the child according to their age will also be decisive at the time of choosing. 0-12 months The ideal are simple, basic toys, preferably soft and with nice textures so that Read More

Game stimulates learning in children

Most babies are born with unlimited brain potential, but to obtain maximum development, stimulation is necessary, and what better way to do it than through the game. The specialists point out that the game, with the passage of time, becomes an inseparable companion that not only serves as a distracting element, but also as a great ally for their learning. The presence of toys in the life of a child, is so momentous that even before it is born, parents are concerned with acquiring them among the essential accessories, which has led to the market is saturated with a large variety, some of them very useful to boost the development of children. A Read More

Babies should not read ahead of time

Trying to stimulate your baby to learn to read ahead of time can result in an aggravation rather than a benefit, according to recent publications of the journal Psychology Today. The fundamental task of a baby is not to learn to read ahead of time to go ahead of its age, or to surprise neighbors, in fact this type of encouragement will leave in the future more problems to be solved. Read More

Infant massage promotes digestion

Newborn care is very important to keep it strong and in excellent health. One of them is the infant massage that promotes the affective bond between parents and children, favors digestion and prevents the appearance of diseases. Read More

Mozart music without benefit for intelligence

Austrian scientists confirmed that listening to the compositions of the famous musician does not encourage intelligence in children, as it was said for some years. The belief began in 1993 thanks to an American psychologist named, Frances Rauscher. He argued that Mozart's musical pieces increased the IQ of babies and children. Read More

Music therapy vs infantile cerebral palsy

Music, besides being a cultural product and an artistic manifestation of the human being, is a therapeutic treatment used to improve people's psychological and psychomotor deficiencies; so these benefits are currently used to combat childhood cerebral palsy. According to data from the Department of Clinical Psychology and Health, of the School of Psychology of the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM), a music therapy program helps to overcome the condition from the first days of a newborn's life. It is important that once detected it is attended to on time, since over time, the damage can become irreversible. The technique consists Read More

At what age emotions begin to form

The first years of life are fundamental in the formation of a person's emotional intelligence. According to Mexican psychologist Claudia SantamarĂ­a, a professor at the Latin American University and specialist in children and emotions, it is very important to know the stages of emotional development in children, especially from 0 to 5 years old. Read More

Choose melodies well!

Discover how to reassure a baby. How to reassure a baby? Music can be your accomplice to achieve it. If you do not know how to reassure a baby, put on some soft music and you will be surprised. Read More