Transform your body

We can lose weight quickly certain parts of the body, but when it comes to lowering that tummy that does not let us wear the clothes as we would like, then it is best to resort to these tips to reduce the abdomen .

Specialists of Harvard They detail that although subcutaneous fat is difficult to eliminate, a good lifestyle is the key to achieve it. Check out these tips.


Transform your body

1. A diet to lose weight should have few carbohydrates

These usually distend the abdomen (for example, potatoes, pasta, bread, rice, among others). Replace them with fruits and vegetables. Also forget about high fat foods, fried foods, sweets, sodas and alcohol.

2. Avoid going hungry because otherwise sooner or later you will binge

Eat small amounts of healthy and nutritious food in a greater number of daily meals, so you accelerate the metabolism and store less fat.

3. Before eating, drink a glass of water

This helps to satisfy hunger. Every so often you can ingest proteins since they calm the appetite and grant high levels of energy. Some foods can be low-fat yogurt, light gelatin, or non-fat cheeses (panela type).

4. Eat slowly

Chew every bite very well.

5. Say yes to fiber

Include in your daily diet foods rich in fiber and so that it does not settle in your stomach, drink two liters of water.

Follow these tips to reduce your abdomen. Courtesy: Getty Images

6. Perform three sets of 10 abdominals daily

Try to do them slowly, so they are more effective and each week increases one more series. If you are constant, you will notice the difference.

7. Move

Walk, dance or take advantage of every moment, every pause that occurs to avoid a sedentary lifestyle.

8. Take a massage

Doing some massage therapy sessions to complement the exercises is a good idea, since they help to remove the installed adiposity between the skin and the muscle.

9. Do strength exercises

Doing sit-ups with weights helps you eliminate visceral fat stand out Harvard specialists

10. Never dine on carbohydrates

These foods favor the accumulation of fat around the waist and in the belly, because your body remains immobile while you sleep, and there is no way to burn the calories you consume.


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