30% of patients with surgery vs obesity gain weight

A little more than 30% of people who undergo surgery to reverse the obesity , they gain weight again in a period of approximately 5 years, the doctor revealed Jesús Montoya Ramírez , owner of the Clinic of Multidisciplinary Management of Obesity at the National Medical Center November 20 of the ISSSTE.

This is because the patients, 75% women, do not have adequate follow-up, which consists of the continuous supervision of psychologists, nutritionists, physical trainers, the own bariatric surgeon and return to their bad eating habits .

For its part, the psychologist Yunuhén Juárez clarified that multidisciplinary treatment is essential: "For this it is essential to have a psychological counseling, because patients suffer a disorder of distortion of body image; It is known that for every 10 kilos that go down, your brain takes up to a year to register and accept that this change occurred ".

According to data from Mexican College for Obesity and Metabolic Diseases , in Mexico about 4 thousand 800 surgeries are performed to treat the obesity . Currently, only 4 types of procedures are approved by the Ministry of Health of Mexico (Ssa): intragastric balloon, adjustable gastric band, bypass gastric and gastrectomy.

Montoya Ramírez reiterated that patients who only have to undergo bariatric procedures are those with a Body Mass Index (BMI) above 35 and who suffer from diseases associated with the obesity , as diabetes and hypertension .  

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