10 tips to show off a perfect abdomen

The key is to have a balanced diet, practice exercise and not eliminate any food. All are important, because they help us metabolize better fats. Therefore, we give you the following advice, to have a abdomen enviable:

1.- Do not leave the carbohydrates , that will only cause you to gain weight easily. Better follows a diet have "good fat" like olive oil, avocado or sea bass. If you love bread, buy those that have wholemeal flour.

2.- A study of the University of Illinois states that people who try to eat less and healthier, two or more days a week, and eat normal the rest of the week, lose weight faster.

3.- Do a thousand abdominals will not help much to reduce the size of your belly, while more parts of your body you exercise more calories You will lose, so do squats, lizards and lifting weights to have a better result.

4.- Do not give up your worst sins. Eat those french fries that you like so much, instead of falling into a binge because you are avoiding the inevitable for days.

5.- Researchers of the Duke University they found what to do exercises cardiovascular, are the best way to reduce the abdomen. If what you want is to get rid of that muffin, the recommendation is that you start run .

6.- A recent study of the medical journal Sleep found that people who sleep 5 hours or less and more than 8 hours, have more grease in the abdominal area than those who sleep between 6 and 7 hours.

7.- One diet rich in fiber is essential; you find it in vegetables, fruits and grains; its consumption reduces the excess grease accumulated

8.- People who consume soft drinks diet (or any type of soda) earns 70% more than Abdominal fat than those who do not consume them. So forget about the refreshments.

9.- Pray for losing weight may not be such a bad idea. A study of the newspaper International Journal of Psychiatry of Medicine found that women who meditate , have healthier levels of cortisol that is responsible for the tummy.

10.- Use coconut oil to prepare your food. This ingredient is common in oriental cuisine and it is believed that thanks to it its population is healthy and thin in general.

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