Balance, justice and wisdom are the pillars that will sustain the vocation of every health professional, in accordance with William Osler , icon of modern medicine. However, what factors influence the loss of confidence in the doctor-patient relationship?

Every human being makes mistakes, which is not always a justification for them, since many could be prevented by reducing the risk they produce.

For this reason, GetQoralHealth It presents you with five things that no doctor should do if you do not want to lose the confidence of a patient:

1. Ignore the opinion of the patient. For the expert Ligia García, Academic Deputy Director of the Faculty of Medicine of the UAEM, the doctor, in order to make decisions, must not ignore the patient's own feelings and that of their relatives; since the profession has a fundamental humanist component that, if not fulfilled, ceases to be human medicine.

2. Use your power . Every "caregiver of health" has the duty not to abuse, which is not to use his authority to force the patient to do what he does not want or is not obliged to do. This is what J points outosé Geraldo de Freitas, Full Member of the Academy of Medicine of the State of Minas Gerais, Brazil, in his article "Ethics of medical expertise."

3. Violate the confidentiality agreement. According to Geraldo de Freitas, this obeys the duty of secrecy, which is constituted by the protection of data and the state in which the patient is.

4. They preach, but they do not follow it. John Duperly, medical specialist in internal medicine, doctor in Sports Science and professor at the University of the Andes, It indicates that if a doctor is sedentary, the probability that his patient receives advice about physical activity is half. If the doctor is a smoker, then probably the patient will not receive advice on the subject.

Coherence and example are the most important predictors of the impact of a doctor's recommendations on their patient.

5. Establish a sexual or sentimental relationship. At "Manual of medical ethics" , points out that a fundamental rule is to resist sexual attraction, which is given by the intimidation produced by the doctor-patient relationship.

This is because patients are vulnerable and give their trust to the doctor to treat them well. They may feel that they can not resist the doctor's sexual requirements for fear that they will not receive the necessary medical treatment.

The job of a doctor is to do everything possible to return the patient's health, peace, harmony and balance with the people and things that surround him. Beware!

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