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Sadness generates that you eat products rich in fat

Until a few years ago, experts did not know why, for example, we resorted to fatty or sweet foods when we felt sad. However, a study published in the Journal of Clinical Investigation revealed that the hormones in our stomach communicate directly with the brain, which creates a pleasurable sensation. Read More

Benefits of Ipad in your health

Despite the theories that exist between more technological advances, the greater the sedentary lifestyle of people, various devices show that they can do something for health. The most recent of these is the Ipad, where you can access games, social networks, music, videos, business, finance, news, lifestyle, health and exercise. Read More

Dunkan diet, myths and realities

The Dukan diet helps reduce appetite, thanks to the effect of protein-rich foods, as well as oat bran. It also has an interesting personalized online "training" payment system with 95% success. When you reach the right weight, you have only 4 requirements that must be followed for the rest of your life: Read More

Drink beer after exercising A great option!

If we told you that drinking beer is an excellent option, what would you think? A study of the University of Granada, reveals that the intake of beer in moderate amounts allows to reestablish the water losses of the body after a strong physical activity. Beer is also rich in calcium, magnesium, potassium and vitamin B, substances that are lost when exercised. Read More


To take care of the skin it is not only necessary to resort to cosmetic treatments and to carry out a routine of daily cleaning, it is also necessary to consume foods that help to fight the aging thanks to the nutrients that they contain. Discover which foods help fight aging and try to consume them daily to have faster and more effective results. Learn about the foods that help fight aging. Read More


Hypotension is characterized by decreased blood flow from the heart, sometimes causing dizziness and a feeling of weakness. People with low blood pressure receive less blood in the brain and muscles. Read More

Breast size influence breast cancer

Do you think that breast size is important? According to a study by the US company 23andMe, published in the journal BMC Medical Genetic, there is a link between bra size and breast cancer. Read More

UpRight, device that corrects your back posture

If you spend a lot of time sitting in front of the computer, you have tension in the neck and pain in the back, take advantage of the technology in your favor. A new device is able to correct the posture of the back and avoid cervical pain. This is UpRightGO, a small device that is placed in the upper part of the back. Read More

1 out of every 12 Mexicans with hepatitis

During the last years the incidence of hepatitis B and C in Mexico has increased. The main risk factors are the lack of sex education and the lack of vaccination of hepatitis B in newborns and children under 11 years of age. Read More

10 tips to avoid respiratory diseases

Low temperatures, abrupt climate changes and environmental pollution are factors that contribute to the appearance of common winter diseases: flu, cold, cough, otitis (ear infections), bronchitis and laryngitis; thus, like other chronic respiratory diseases that can cause death: pneumonia, asthma and chronic respiratory problems such as pneumonia. Read More

Say yes to fiber

Irritable bowel syndrome, better known as "colitis" affects 15 to 40% of Mexicans. In an interview with the doctor Elisa Gómez Reyes, science researcher at the National Institute of Medical Sciences and Nutrition Salvador Zubirán, said: "This condition is more common in women and it is estimated that at least 15 or 40% of Mexicans present it in some moment of his life. " Read More

Caregiver fatigue syndrome vs quality of life

More than half of the caregivers of patients with schizophrenia affirm that they stop maintaining a normal coexistence with friends at the moment in which they dedicate themselves to "take care" of their family member, which reduces their quality of life. Read More

5 causes of loneliness

In recent years, sadness and loneliness have increased drastically in a very short period of time. Feeling isolated not only has adverse effects on mental health, but it negatively affects physical health. Read More

Let's move!

How to relax the body ?, walk, cross the feet, contract the stomach and even cry can improve your health. To know how to relax the body, know 5 basic movements. Knowing how to relax your body is learning to take care of yourself. Read More

Health and innovation!

Inventions for health? We present the highlights of the World Summit of Innovation for Health. Discover the latest inventions to care for and improve your health. Read More

Anxiety about smart cell addiction

The rise of smartphones, where you have access to the network all day is on the rise. A study carried out by the company Digital Lab, indicates that 82.5% of women and 69.8% of men suffer some symptoms of stress and anxiety when for some reason they can not access the network from their cell phones or because they forget them. Read More

Increase cases of heart failure

Cardiovascular diseases annually claim 17.5 million lives worldwide. In Mexico, about 87,000 people die each year from heart disease. According to researchers from the Faculty of Medicine of the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM), the two most common conditions in our country are hypertrophy and heart failure. What is heart failure? Read More

Walk and fight diabetes

In order to raise awareness in the Mexican population and curb the growth of diabetes, this event will be held on Sunday, November 14: "Walk and Cyclist Walk for the cure of diabetes", organized by the Diabetes Research Foundation (FIND) ) This will take place on the occasion of World Diabetes Day. The appointment is at the Angel of Independence at 09:00. Read More

Chip detects vital signs in patients

Students of the National Polytechnic Institute (IPN) created a personalized location and monitoring chip, which even provides the possibility of monitoring the signs of people suffering from a disease. Read More

Lose emotional pounds!

If you do not know how to stop eating because of anxiety, you need to "listen" and know the signals of your body. Hunger is a sensation that must be satisfied, but without falling into excess. If you learn to stop eating because of anxiety, you lose weight and prevent diseases. Read More