Do you live it?

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Reasons for the break

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10 reasons to be in a couple's place

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8 reasons why we like young men more

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Reasons for abandonment

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How to fall in love with a "womanizer"

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Decalogue to overcome a love break

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The guilty gene

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In favor of the relationship

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These are the results

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Discover what you want!

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It's time to say goodbye

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27.6% of pregnancies occur in adolescence

Adolescent pregnancy is very common in Mexico; of one million women in pregnancy, 27.6% correspond to this population group. According to experts, the problem is due to the lack of sexual education and cultural patterns. Read More

1. Frénalos

Jealousy when it is irrational means that your emotions are not based on a fair assessment of the situation, and you are only wasting energy and possibly, making your partner sick. So this does not happen we give you these tips to overcome jealousy. Following these tips to overcome jealousy will help you not only in this relationship but for the rest of your life to be more confident in yourself. Learn these tips to overcome jealousy. Read More

What is emotional blackmail?

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5 benefits of kissing

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4 original ways to ask for marriage

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