10 things that only a divorced woman can understand

Divorces in Mexico go in increase and most are requested by the women .

Data from the National Institute of Statistics and Geography (INEGI) reveal that the divorce increased by 22.8% from 2012 to date. The biggest reasons for women to ask for separation of their partners are: intrafamily violence, physical and psychological aggression, threats or insults; as well as the refusal to contribute voluntarily or by judgment of the family judge to the maintenance of the home.

Any divorce implies a phase of duel , so here we show you this guide, so that you better understand the circumstances that you are living and the supers in the best way.

1. Give yourself the time you need to recover , but if this attitude is prolonged and becomes habitual, it is necessary to go to the specialist, who will help you to understand the situation and overcome it.

2. At the time of expressing our feelings and once the decision of divorce It is not convenient to attack the former couple, to speak ill of her, to invent lies about the situation; Nor continue with feelings of guilt, hatred or resentment, as this attitude does not facilitate turning the page.

3. The negative emotions what has generated the divorce and everything that has led to it must become opportunities for improvement and life experience.

4. It is important to understand that this state is normal, but just as it has had a beginning it will also end some day.

5. Far from adopting this position allow yourself to feel any emotion, recognize it, accept it and express it, so you will be taking a first step towards recovery.

6. Demonstrate to the world that you are very strong and that this situation does not overcome you is something that can hurt you more and cause you to go back steps.

7. In the process of mourning, it is recommended to avoid places, situations or persons that remind us of the past and the past as much as possible. ex partner , as well as making drastic decisions.

8. Although being alone is comforting at certain times, it is not advisable to isolate yourself and spend these difficult moments alone. Lean on friends, family and children to regain self-esteem, independence and confidence in yourself.

9. When you become aware that everything is over and that only you are the key to your happiness, that you do not need your partner to be happy, that happiness depends on you and not on your previous relationship, that is where your new life will begin.

10. Projecting a better future will help to work to live in the desired way and improving the personal aspects that allow us to achieve that ideal.

Remember that life goes on and you have to find new motivations to get out of bed every day. The term of your marriage does not mean defeat, on the contrary, it can be your great victory if you know how to handle situations and if you have children, know how to team up with your former partner to have a cordial relationship.

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