Top 5 exercises that activate your circulation

There are around 22 million 20-year-old adults with hypertension in the country, as indicated by the National Survey of Health and Nutrition , which present as a symptom poor blood circulation; However, how can you prevent it?

Poor circulation is the difficulty that blood experiences to flow into blood vessels normally; But this situation can be controlled through a good diet and, above all, exercise.

Thus GetQoralHealth presents you five ideal exercises to activate this health problem:

1. Swimming Besides fun it's relaxing. Considered one of the most complete sports that exist, since it requires the use of most muscles. The specialists advise the practice of this because it stimulates the cardio-respiratory capacity, develops in harmony the whole organism and tones the body.

2. Running. If you want to start running you can do it in a personal way following your own routine or looking for a training to run. This exercise lowers the pressure, because when you perform it your arteries become more flexible and allow the best distribution of the blood stream throughout your body.

3. Bicycle. Practicing aerobic sports, such as cycling, helps improve blood circulation and prevents the appearance of "unsightly spider veins and veins", according to experts from the Laser Varicose Surgery Unit of the Teknon Medical Center in Barcelona.

Regular exercise stimulates venous return and boosts blood pumping to the extremities, resulting in better circulation and healthier legs.

4. Walk The ideal is to perform this physical activity daily or failing 3 or 5 times a week for 30 minutes. In addition to activating your blood circulation, it improves your digestive system and reduces glucose.

5. Climb stairs. It is a good exercise because it strengthens especially the muscles of the thighs, tendons, hip flexors and those of the calf and makes the cardiovascular system work faster. It is recommended that you start climbing 200 steps a day.

Remember, your health is in your hands. Take care and love yourself!

Video Medicine: Exercises That Promote Blood Flow : LIVESTRONG - Fitness with Amber Nimedez (May 2024).