10 reasons to be in a couple's place

Internet has become the owner of our lives to a large extent and romance is not outside of this mode of communication. In fact, more and more people decide to go in search of a partner through online dating.

A study of University of Chicago notes that couples who meet online get married faster (18 months approximately), than those who are known by other means (they do so in 42 months).

The research revealed that couples who knew each other in the network suffered fewer ruptures since 40.92 percent of them were between 30 and 39 years old and 50 percent of them had university studies.

The place PsychologoyToday He shared some benefits of dating sites.

1. Help find the right people. Unlike social networks, dating sites have a specific purpose. All the people who are there are looking for something in common.

2. They help to free themselves from traditional gender roles. The anonymity of the sites allows women to "take the first step" when undertaking a relationship.

3. Timid people can also find love. It is easier to send a message than to start a conversation with a complete stranger.

4. There are many options. If something goes wrong, you can try it with more people.

5. The profiles provide limited information. So your privacy will not be compromised.

6. They can put a lot of emphasis on the characteristics that interest them most. They will be able to define the search parameters based on the characteristics of their "ideal partner".

7. You can be sure that the person you decide to speak to is not going to answer you that he is not looking for anyone and that he prefers to be alone. All dating sites seek the same thing: love.

8. Some dating sites allow you to keep certain personal information. One can choose when to reveal it and to whom. In this way you can communicate with whoever you want without this person invading your privacy or start harassing you.

9. On dating sites it is not frowned upon that a man or woman converse with several singles at the same time. It means that you can keep your range of options open without being judged.

10. You save time. One of the main reasons to go to these places is the lack of time. With just a few clicks and from the comfort of your home you can meet thousands of singles.

The network has thousands of advantages for those who want to find their better half, just try to be cautious and not create false expectations and illusions.