Almost a decade for its replacement

One of the most common mistakes of parents is neglecting the oral health of their baby. In many cases they do not know that a healthy denture is essential to chew and speak properly, hence the importance of look after the teeth of milk , although they are going to fall out .


The primary teeth of a child, called teeth of milk , usually appear between six months and 1 year of age. These are so important as the permanent ones in the adults; help to feed , emit sounds and talk properly, "explains the American Dental Association (ADA) .

In addition, they play other fundamental roles such as maintaining space for the teeth permanent and give the stimulus necessary for the increase of the bones of the face , explain specialists of Dentalia .


Almost a decade for its replacement

The teeth of milk They do not have a life as short as it seems. They remain in the mouth of children between six and ten years, so it is important to take care of them and learn to have good habits of hygiene .

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