Discover what you want!

Although hard to believe, a man like a woman wants something wonderful to happen on the first date; for this event not only presages the beginning of a relationship but the impression one will have of the other.


People who establish more eye contact, in a first encounter, are perceived as more intelligent, "say psychologists of the University of the Northeast.


Discover what you want!

In the Huffington Post they did a survey to know what men expect us to do on a first date ... The answers were very funny some, surprising others, obvious some more, but all very enriching to have a better time in this world of first dates :

1. If you do not know each other, you should give the guideline about the greeting, make the first movement that indicates whether you are going to shake hands or go to kiss him. This first approach can be very uncomfortable for the 2 and they prefer that you be the one to mark the line.

2. Do not ask about your past relationships on the first date ... It is normal to be curious about why your previous relationships ended, especially if you are a divorced man. And they want to tell us and they want to know about us too, but they prefer that this topic be touched more by the 3rd date, when they already know if it's worth it or not to open up with the other.

3. Let them open the door, pull the chair or make any gentlemanly gesture that is born (chivalry is not fought with feminism girls, unless they want to say what to order or what to drink by "gentlemen").

4. If you are a surgeon waiting for an urgent text to save someone's life, please have your cell phone at the table! If not ... save it.

5. Offer to pay ... They are willing to pay for dinner, but it is polite to offer to pay your share, it makes them feel that you are willing to invest in dinner and that you are not there just to dine out without it costing you .

6. It is worth making compliments ... if the guy in question smells rich, put on a nice shirt, bring a coquettish coat, anything that catches your attention can be commented on in a compliment. Just as we love to be told how good we look, to men too!

7.  If you're having a good time, if the conversation seems interesting to you, if the appointment has potential ... say so! They also like to know that you are comfortable in their company.

8. Be authentic ... In every appointment you must be yourself because they are the first filters to know if you can spend time with that person or not, and lying or pretending something you are not will not give you good results in the long run. If you do not agree with something, say it ... If you do not think the same, say it, if your point of view is diametrically opposed, say so.

9. If you like the guy in front of you and you think the quote has potential, touch it subtly. Touch your hand to emphasize something or your arm when you get up to the bathroom. This lets them know that you are comfortable with them and that they seem interesting to you.

10. Do not speak ill of your ex ... Moreover, in the first 2 quotes do not mention your ex unless he asks you. And if you do, do not speak ill of him. What you say about other people speaks more about you than about others.

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