Lack of B vitamins cause depression and fatigue

The lack of vitamins B1, B6 and B12, is a common cause of depression, fatigue and loss of muscle mass in older adults , Dr. Martín Dávalos Gómez, specialist in geriatrics at the Mexican Institute of Social Security (IMSS) in Jalisco, said.

The doctor mentioned that the deficiency of the b12 vitamin It is a cause of sarcopenia, a disorder characterized by decreased muscle mass, thinning and fragility.

The problem of muscle weakness in the geriatric population is exacerbated, if one takes into account the little or no physical activity of this group of people.

The expert also reported to the portal, Aztec news, that in the area of ​​internal medicine only on weekends are attended to up to 25 geriatric patients a day, of which 40% have a B complex deficiency and usually go to receive attention for symptoms like depression , fatigue , thinning , loss of appetite Y weakness .

Diabetic or hypertensive patients are likely to have a low B complex, due to dysmetabolic, which prevents them from properly absorbing the vitamin components.

In adults in productive stage who are generally subjected to a chronic, excessive and oxidative stress there is a high consumption of B complex, due to a physical wear Y mental constant. Usually these people attend with influenza and infection. The B complex is found in high amounts in foods such as red meat, cow liver , fish , green fresh vegetables and yellow, and cereals. If the patient bases his diet on these foods his improvement can be greater than 80%.

Influence of the B complex


  • Vitamin B1 or thiamine

In charge of regulating some functions of the nervous system such as neurotransmission, as well as the metabolization of sugars and proteins in the blood.


  • Vitamin B6 or pyridoxine

It intervenes in the control of appetite, and participates in the metabolization of fats.


  • B12 vitamin , cyanocobalin or hydroxocobalin

Regulates memory, appetite, prevents depression and chronic fatigue. It also fights intestinal atrophy, for the absorption of nutrients from the diet that can lead to anemia.

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