1. Frénalos

We have all felt terrible jealousy with our partners, right? Jealousy when it is irrational means that your emotions are not based on a fair assessment of the situation, and you are only wasting energy and possibly, making your partner sick. So that this does not happen we give you theseTips to overcome jealousy .

If you are a jealous person and your relationship is being affected by it, take note of the following recommendations, according to a study of the University of Delaware .


1. Frénalos

  Jealousy is a natural and almost inevitable part of a romantic relationship. The secret is to make sure that they are only a very small part of your feelings. Having a fight is exhausting and will not improve at all the chances of success of the relationship; In fact, it may be the opposite.


2. Be rational

Another of theTips to overcome jealousy is to ask yourself if this threat is real or imaginary, always remembering that a jealous mind is prone to quickly magnify small things, giving rise to a totally disproportionate response.

Follow these tips to overcome jealousy. Courtesy: Getty Images

3. Work your self-esteem. Simple measures such as not having negative thoughts about yourself, avoiding comparing yourself with someone else, focusing on your strengths and spending time with friends will be of great help.

4. Trust your partner. If a person wants to be unfaithful to another, find a way to do it, there is nothing you can do to prevent it. Assume the best of your partner and their loyalty, and unless you have a real reason do not think otherwise.

Follow these Tips to overcome jealousy It will help you not only in this relationship but for the rest of your life to have greater security in yourself.

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