The guilty gene

If you are already tired of failing in your love relationships and being alone you realize that you feel much better, maybe you are not in an error and the real reason why some people remain single a genetic issue.


A study of Peking University, reveals that there is a gene that is responsible for controlling oxytocin levels, they call it "the hormone of love", capable of influencing our way of socializing and maintaining affective relationships.


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There is a direct link between being single and gene that controls the serotonin (hormone of happiness), which controls our emotions and sentimental reactions.


The guilty gene

The researchers point out that the gene called 5-HT1A , has two variations. The first with two copies of variant C (CC) which produces more hormones of happiness than the variant G, GC or GG.

Explaining this in a simpler way, analyzing the study where 579 students participated, the connection between the sentimental situation and these genetic variants was demonstrated


The result...

Those who obtained two copies (CC), proved to be completely in love and happy; while those with variants G, GC or GG, obtained as a result an empty sentimental state, without falling in love, partner or some positive emotion towards another person.

The production of these hormones can be turned off by a process known asmethylation , which is affected when we are stressed or malnourished.


Blame oxytocin


The oxytocin gene is the one that people need to report higher levels of sociability and lead personal or group conversations.


So we can conclude that while some need more company to feel full, others can simply find peace being alone. Basically, genetics controls how you are and how you feel and that's not bad.


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