This is what they wonder about your breasts and they will never confess!

Without a doubt, one of the attributes for which they go mad are breasts. This fascination leads them to ask themselves certain things about our "front" that, when discovered, will leave you with your mouth open. There goes the list ...


How sweaty are they?

The boys can agree that the testicles can get incredibly sweaty, so is the same with the breasts?


Do you ever find things there?



It's probably easy to forget that you've saved things like receipts, your phone and your last will and testament. Maybe even a loose change and things like that can sneak in there.

When you take off your bra at night, do things just come off as a kind of strange piñata that is full of memories of what happened that day? Or do things just fall into terribly embarrassing moments?


What makes a good bra?

What is more important? Are some materials more comfortable, but less able to support the breasts? Are they very expensive? Do they require more rings? What is a bra?


Do you like one more than the other?

Is one of them better than the other? Maybe because it's bigger? Or smaller? Or more photogenic?



How often do you notice men looking at them?



Most guys probably think they're being discreet ... but are they really?


Do you think there is something like an ideal-sized chest?

Women tend to complain that theirs are too big or too small (and most men certainly have a preference), but coming from those who really do, what is the best size? Is there even a better size?

How are you? You, what questions would you ask them?

Video Medicine: 16 Things That Men Always Notice About Women (February 2023).