These are the results

What for some is a fantasy recurrent for others can be a reality. Perhaps it is the remedy for labor boredom, relief from extensive night work or a simple consequence of constant friction and looks The sex in place of work is a reality and there are jobs that lend themselves to be unfaithful.

The specialized websiteAshley Madison, whose purpose is to help "connect" people interested in committing a infidelity and whose slogan is "Life is short" (Life is short), launched a survey to discover those jobs are more likely to be unfaithful.


These are the results

1. The world of show business. Musicians, photographers, models and actors enter this group. Their common denominator is how little routine their lives are; tours, fans, fame and many hours away from home.

2. Pilots and hostesses. They spend many days away from home and coincide in hotels and restaurants with the crew thousands of miles away from any possible informer.

3. Housewives. In accordance withAshley Madison , 19.6% of the total of women interviewed work in their home . All of them agreed that their husbands spend too many hours away from home and that routine and abandonment drives them to look for adventures.

4. Teachers. They obtained 33% of the total of the survey, but only the men who dedicate themselves to this profession, the figure is much lower in women teachers. The infidelity occurs in university centers and arises when teachers are young and wake up attraction of type intellectual in the students

5. Bar tenders. They tend to be attractive people immersed in an environment uncontrolled by the alcohol. They do not drink during work but often become the key piece of the party.

It is true that permanent contact with people, complicated schedules not compatible with the family life and the passion focused on common professional projects, opens the doors to a active sexual life inside the work. But everything will depend on the values ​​and parameters of each person.

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