8 reasons why we like young men more

After 35 years the woman she has a better knowledge of herself, knows what she wants and has a greater integral sensitivity of her body, of her emotions.

On the other hand, young men around their twenties and thirties they are in their sexual apogee, and they find attractive the security and serenity that the women show at this age.

A study of Duke University (United States) reveals what older women look for in a young man.

1. In most cases they look for a lighter and fresher relationship. Adult men have more phobias, many do not want commitments or know anything about solid and serious relationships. In contrast, young men do not have this emotional burden and there is greater freedom to relate.

2. They give them fullness and sexual potency and they give them sexual power without ties, without dependencies. In these relationships there are not always duties or the need for promises.

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