10 tips for first time moms

Motherhood is a very special and incredible stage for women, because it achieves an indescribable connection with their children; However, it can be very stressful if you are a first-timer and you do not know the steps you need to take to keep the baby happy at all times. To prevent anxiety, stress and worry from taking over you and not knowing what to do in your new stage, GetQoralHealth offers you the following 10 tips: Read More

5 benefits of mom's love!

Discover the benefits of mom's love and make the most of them. Are there benefits of mom's love? Scientists reveal the benefits of mom's love. First mom? Do not hesitate to express your love and affection to your little ones. Read More

5 errors that cause crib death

Know the errors that cause the death of cradle. The syndrome of sudden infant death is the same as the death of a baby. Avoid crib death by preventing these errors. Read More

Union that you can not leave aside ...

When you are a first-time mom, it is very common to encounter some difficulties when breastfeeding, you must create your own technique with different postures to perform a perfect lactation, according to Psicoprofiláxis Montaña. Read More

Solve it and enjoy this stage!

Learn about some complications of breastfeeding and how they can be solved. What complications can occur in breastfeeding? Meet one of the complications of breastfeeding and how you can solve it to enjoy this great stage. Read More

Make him sleep easy!

Discover how to prevent crib death and enjoy your motherhood peacefully. Are they new parents? Learn how to prevent crib death and take care of your baby's health. By preventing crib death you will enjoy your motherhood and your child will stay healthy. Read More

1. Insomnia

Sleeping in the same bed with your baby involves many health and safety risks, plus your comfort will not be the same. Read More

6 tips to pacify your baby's colic

When you see that your baby cries for a long time, and you do not know what the reason is, it is very likely to have cramps. Although the causes of these are not well known, there are some recommendations that have proven their functionality. Therefore, we give you some recommendations to appease your baby if you are suffering from colic: Read More

Goodbye to the bottle at night

Pediatricians recommend leaving the bottle completely around the year, or no later than 18 months. As soon as the child learns to drink in a glass, he will no longer need to use the bottle. The definitive weaning is not as easy as it seems, to facilitate the process it is better to eliminate the bottle of half day and then the afternoon and the morning, leaving the night to the end, because it is the most ingrained have. Read More

Healthy foods for your baby

A healthy diet for your baby, from newborn to twelve months, serves to keep you healthy and develop properly. It is during this period that babies learn to eat the foods that will nourish them to have good health in the future. From zero to four months: Your baby only needs breast milk or formula to stay healthy. Without a doubt, it is the best food for your baby. It is possible that a newborn wants to eat every two or three hours; but it is not necessary to be fed at a fixed time because each baby is different. Your baby will need between eight and twelve lactations every 24 hours. Until your baby is four months old, it is a good idea to boi Read More

Anti-inflammatories could affect schizophrenia

Scientists from the National School of Biological Sciences (ENCB) of the National Polytechnic Institute (IPN), study animal models if the use of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, during the neonatal stage, influences the development of schizophrenia throughout life. Schizophrenia is a fundamental disorder of the personality and a distortion of thought, characterized by delirious ideas that can be extravagant, alterations of perception, stress, anxiety and depressive symptoms. To date, its origin is unknown. The research group headed by Dr. Rocío Ortiz Butrón, direct their efforts to the study of the alteration of neurotransmitters relate Read More

Basic items for the arrival of the baby

The basic trousseau of the baby consists of the accessories that the newborn needs during the first weeks of life. Consider the following list as a guide to which you will add pieces as you go forming your own experience. Read More

Breast milk banks are a reality in Mexico

The project to create two human milk banks in Mexico, which has been working for two years, will be a reality in 2012. According to the Undersecretary of Prevention and Health Promotion, of the Ministry of Health (Ssa), Mauricio Hernández Ávila, next year will be the opening of banks. Read More

Choose it without alcohol!

Discover how to produce more milk for your baby and enjoy breastfeeding to the fullest. Do not let the myths affect your breastfeeding, you better know how to produce more milk for your baby. Does drinking beer increase the production of breast milk? Read More

Thumb sucking produces well-being

Suction is a normal, natural and to some extent healthy reflex in children. The reasons why a baby sucks his thumb are not entirely clear; This habit seems not to be motivated by hunger, and through various studies it has been proven that babies feel comfort or wellbeing when sucking their finger or using a pacifier. Not all babies have the same instinct of suction, some begin to suck their finger from the moment they are born, or even before (since they are in the womb) while others never get to do so. In general, most children leave this habit without help between 2 and 4 years, so you should not worry unless the suction: Be very intense It Read More

Colostrum, essential for its development!

How to feed a newborn? Discover the magic that exists in this process. If you do not know how to feed a newborn, check out this little guide and enjoy this stage to the fullest. How to feed a newborn? Check out these useful tips. Read More

How to take care of your breasts and nipples in breastfeeding

Breastfeeding represents one of the best moments of life. However, breastfeeding can become a time of pain, if the mother's breasts or nipples are congested, irritated or cracked. To avoid this, we must take into account some recommendations: Take care of your nipples Always use nipple protectors to prevent the fabric of the bra or bra from hurting them. It is very important to change the protectors, and to wash the bras or bodices daily. To keep them hydrated, do not apply moisturizer or cosmetics; uses milk that your body produces since it has healing properties You must wash them well to eliminate bacteria and avoid infections but you must Read More

How to travel by car with babies

The safety of the baby inside the car forces parents to choose the most suitable accessories, as well as to use them correctly. In the "World Report on the Prevention of Injuries to Children", published by the World Health Organization and the United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF), it is noted that more than 2,000 children and adolescents die daily as a result of an injury that could have been prevented. Read More

Tips to relieve teething

Teething is the normal process of the appearance of the teeth, which starts around five and nine months although it may occur sooner or later, without indicating any problem. Generally the lower front teeth are those that appear first; the rest leave four to eight weeks later to complete the 20 of the complete denture. According to information from Fernanda magazine, for Dr. Norma Ivonne Torres, the importance of milk teeth lies in the fact that they are a basic element for speech and food, they also make room for permanent people to grow rights later. It is very important not to confuse the symptoms of teething, so it is advisable to assist Read More