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Lindsay Lohan

There are celebrities with personality disorders. The borderline is a disorder of the personality limit and many celebrities suffer from it. Read More

Diseases that surround boxing

What are the diseases that most famous boxers suffer from? We present 4 diseases of boxing. Tommy Morrison, who dedicated himself to boxing and participated in the movie Rocky, died at age 44. What diseases surround the sport of boxing. Read More

What is the health status of Fausto Vallejo?

After revealing what is the illness that Fausto Vallejo suffers, he is granted a license to be absent. Complications with laryngitis, a disease suffered by Fausto Vallejo, forces him to undergo further studies. In addition, another disease that is speculated that Fausto Vallejo presents, chronic renal failure, was ruled out by the state health spokesman. Read More

What is the induced coma?

Bobbi Kristina Brown, the only daughter of the late artist Whitney Houston and R & B singer Bobby Brown, died this Sunday at age 22. The daughter of the American singer died after spending seven months in a coma. Bobbi Kristina was found unconscious in her bathtub at the end of January 2015 and has since been hospitalized, a representative of the Houston family reported. Read More

The price of divorce ...

What celebrities have divorced? Michael Douglas and Catherne Zeta-Jones join famous couples who have divorced. There are several reasons that influence celebrities to divorce, but what can be done to overcome this process. Read More

Deadly price

Margarita Gralia is absent from the play "Cada quien su vida", due to health problems. Margarita Gralia of 60 years is subjected to a sedative treatment, this to avoid brain problems. Margarita Gralia is recovering from her health problems. Read More

Robi Draco Rosa is diagnosed with cancer

Robi Draco Rosa, singer and Puerto Rican author, made known through his representative Pierre Angelo Medina, who suffers from cancer and who will be treated at the Burzynski Clinic in Katy, in the metropolitan area of ​​Houston, Texas. Read More