Lose weight with plyometric exercises

Lose weight and strengthens the muscles with the exercises plyometrics This type of routine will help you burn a lot calories and to improve bone density; In addition, you will prevent injuries Muscular According to some studies, this physical activity It is ideal for athletes looking to increase their power, strength and agility.

The plyometrics , also known as jumping training, consist of performing a series of movements focused on conditioning your body through exercises of resistance.

However, specialists say that this type of routine should be performed when a person is totally relaxed, free of injuries and they master the basic movements of a squat.

The following video explains some benefits of plyometric exercises and mentions the type of people who should avoid doing this physical activity :

With the plyometrics, low weight and mold your muscles in a fun and different way. You can also optimize your cardiovascular system, your skills and your performance.


Learn some basic positions

It is important that before performing this type of activity, warm your body a bit, that is, walk or jog for 30 seconds. Do some squats to make sure your muscles are ready to jump and start with the following routine:

1.- Surf: Stand with your feet slightly open, extend your arms sideways at shoulder height and lower until you squat, as if balancing on a surfboard. Jump and rotate 180 degrees in the air.

2.- Throw and catch the ball: Stand with your feet at your hips and grab a ball. Squat and stand up quickly while throwing the ball.

Make two sets of eight repetitions for each exercise; rest between 45 and 60 seconds between each series. Remember that at the end of the routine you should stretch the muscles of your body, to avoid pain. It is important that you let your muscles rest for two to three days so they can recover.

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Video Medicine: Plyometric Cardio Workout for Weight Loss: 7 Minute Workout Series (December 2022).