'When the earth moved', a book that helps children understand a tremor


On Tuesday, September 19 a 7.1 degree earthquake It shook Mexico City, Puebla and Morelos, which took the population by surprise, especially the children, who due to their age was perhaps the first earthquake they felt.

Although the simulation was practiced a few hours earlier in schools and offices, it is important to explain to the children what happened and help post-traumatic stress caused by the earthquake.

The text 'When the earth moved' , written by the Mining Council of Chile after the earthquake of February 27, 2010 It is an excellent tool to explain to the children what happened and how they should act in these situations.

In the book, through illustrations and simple words, they explain to children that the earth is made up of plates, and that when they move, energy is released that produces tremors or earthquakes.

They also explain the difference between tremor, earthquake and tsunami , what are the replicas and mentions that feeling scared is normal, as well as having nightmares, fear, anger and gives advice to improve the mood, such as playing, resting, praying or singing.

The book has several activities to explain to the child what happened, to determine their level of stress and also advice for adults on how to handle themselves in these situations. You can download it in this link .


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