Increasing taxes on tobacco decreases addiction

Smoking is one of the most important public health problems in Mexico. It is estimated that between 25 thousand and 60 thousand people die prematurely every year in the country, due to diseases attributed to the consumption of cigarettes. Read More

Drinking alcohol in excess causes brain damage in young people

Drinking alcohol in excess is considered when a person consumes four or more drinks in women and five or more among men in a course of 4 hours. It is important to emphasize that the type of alcoholic beverage does not matter, since when it is consumed in excess the damages are equal. A study by scientists at the University of Cincinnati showed that too much alcohol can damage neurons in brains that are still growing. Read More

Daniel Radcliffe will assume the consequences of a tattoo

The actor Daniel Radcliffe, protagonist of the movie Harry Potter and the relics of death, wants to take the character of the film series in his skin. In this sense, Radcliffe stated that he is thinking about getting a tattoo to remember "Harry Potter": "I would love to have a tattoo, but I do not know if I want my first tattoo to be related to Harry Potter. It's something I'm going to have throughout my life and I'm processing the idea. " Read More

1. Supply

Smoking and nicotine addiction have important differences. What are the differences between smoking and nicotine addiction? It does not impact the brain smoking and nicotine addiction equally. Read More

Facebook asthma trigger

One of the most successful social networks, Facebook could trigger asthma attacks on some susceptible users. In a letter published in the medical journal Lancet, several Italian doctors reported that they treated an 18-year-old man whose asthma attacks were apparently caused after visiting his girlfriend's account and seeing the number of men she added to his account. Read More

Top 10 of the most consumed drugs in Mexico

The drugs most consumed in Mexico are legal drugs such as alcohol and tobacco. Alcohol and tobacco are the most consumed drugs in Mexico, both in women and men. The consumption of alcohol and tobacco is associated with various health risks. Read More