Do you live it?

For the psychologist Carmen Rodríguez , specialist in couple relationships of the School of Higher Studies Zaragoza (FESI) of the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM) In recent years, violence between spouses has increased cell phone .

The expert assures that two very important factors are united in the cases of violence : the possessive, and insecure or jealous people, with an almost unlimited means to develop that obsession .


Do you live it?

Feeling guarded at all times by partner , is not linked at all with the love , on the contrary, it is a type of violence clear and from which you must reflect immediately.

For this, the specialist recommends five basic points to know, if one is victim or victimizer of the remote control.

  • If you receive or make more than three calls a day with the same questions, who are you with ?, where will they go ?, or what do you do?
  • If your partner suggests that you put the Facebook application or some other social network, which reveals the place where you make publications, or exactly where you are.
  • A very serious, and that is more common than you think, is if you say the typical phrase "if we have confidence, exchange Internet passwords, or" there is nothing wrong with checking our cell phones, after all, nothing hidden ", because he is attentive with respect and personal life.
  • When, in addition to a routine call, it also uses other means such as the Whats App, Messenger or by text message frequently on the day.
  • If every person who feels doubt or insecurity in your partner, the first thing you do is check their profiles, or phone contacts to find out any "move".


Identify the signs!

1. When freedom is invaded in the relationship there is no turning back. That is to say, that doing so will become routine, and due to the nature of these devices, many confusions can be presented due to the lack of clarity in the texts, and that is where jealousy and violence begin, explains the expert.

2. Disadvantage? They are perfect for making mischief, such as when they finish the relationship , send offensive messages, spy on the spouse, monitor what he does and where he is, without the consent of the other.

3. Privacy. It is essential in a sentimental relationship , since it shows the level of security and self-esteem that the other person has. And recommends, from the start of any emotional bond , pay close attention to their behavior regarding mobile and other similar technologies.

You have the decision about what kind of relationship you want or need Deep down, we all know what we like and what we do not like partner , and the key piece, is in analyzing what needs to be changed to live the love as it should be, with harmony and freedom.