Reasons for the break

The conflict and discussions are inevitable in the relationship of partner . Not necessarily those who fight and argue less remain years together, but those who learn to solve the problem. Beyond the differences, there are situations that ruin you marriage .


The probability of staying together in a relationship decreases each time. Currently, it is estimated that 50% of all the first marriages finish in divorce . If this trend continues, it is expected that in the coming years, this figure will reach 67% ", Points out Alejandro Navarrete-Aguilar, clinical director of the Counseling Institute of Atlanta .


Reasons for the break

According to research published in Quarterly Review , of the University of the Americas (UDLA) , there are four main factors that ruin a marriage . These represent the same importance for women and men.

1. Economic problems. Whether due to lack or mismanagement, this problem represents a pressure for many marriages . The issue of substance is often related to power, control and authority, which leads to tensions and conflicts, in extreme cases leads to the dissolution . The important thing is that any financial decision is the result of the negotiation .

2. Violence. This implies violent actions, physical Y verbal I was doing some member of the couple or children. The situation can be generated by the learned example of a violent home, the dependence of the alcohol and others drug , as well as the mishandling of stress . The economic problems, labor frustration or unemployment are causes for which the couple could use violence as a form of relief, which results in disintegration family.

3. Infidelity. It is one of the consequences of disgust that the couple lives. It is also the result of lost of love Ytrust . The impact of infidelity to ruin the marriage It depends on the importance that the man or woman in couple gives, as well as the willingness to forgive. Although after going through this bitter experience, it is often difficult to regain harmony.

4. Communication. Women complain more about communication problems than men do. Conflicts can be related to how express and interpret the messages or words; in not finding the right time to say things, as well as the distancing physical and affective. This leads to aggressions verbal and discussions, encouraging everyone to live their life independently until it ends in divorce .

Currently, a stage of crisis of partner . To prevent these situations from ruining your marriage and making things work better, you could stake out your situation.

Seeks to become your partner's best friend, handle conflicts more kindly and plan things that fill them with special reasons to stay together. What other situations do you think are ruining a marriage?