Reasons for abandonment

Finish with a relationship it's not easy because it generates a lost which is usually a reason for pain . The reasons why men leave their partner can be explained by various situations, from not adapting to personal habits to incompatibility.


David Deida , writer and specialist in relationships of couple , affirms that one of the keys so that the relationships do not end is to have lit the passion . To conserve attraction and the wish is essential meet Y respect the differences ”.


Reasons for abandonment

It is generally believed that the first cause of men leaving their partner is because the love he reached his finish , there are other situations that cause a break. Know them!

1. They do not feel ready for a relationship. It is a way to reflect the fear to the commitment . Some indications are the frequency and reason for your calls, although if you do not call or answer your messages it is likely that you are not prepared. When he does not make plans to spend more time together, or if he does not introduce you to his family or friends, it is a sign that he is not willing to have a relationship.

2. Lack of hygiene. Intimate hygiene is one of the things that men take into account in a relationship, as one of the first causes of abandonment. Although this topic may seem obvious, there is ignorance on how to maintain cleanliness, what is the most suitable underwear and how is it infections , in accordance with Blanca Elena Mancilla, professor at the Faculty of Psychology of the UNAM .

3. They do not mean a priority in your life. It happens that they do not feel preference for their partner, so any decision or lifestyle that follows will be outside of what the woman would expect. Many prefer devote a lot of your time to work , school, family or friends . They look for pretexts and make plans that usually do not include his girlfriend, explains Mancilla.

4. They argue a lot. Differences, shouts and anger are real causes for a man to end up with his girlfriend. John Gottman , professor emeritus of the University of Washington , United States, explains that if in discussions the predominance contempt a separation is more likely. This is because criticism causes pain and makes man feel excluded. The ideal is to avoid being contemptuous and hurtful.

5. Lack of sex. For a relationship to work and be successful it is important to bring a lifetime sexual active . This includes more than coital sexual relations, caresses, hugs and eroticism are essential ingredients that must be manifested frequently, says Carmen Valcárcel, expert in human sexuality .

6. Impunity. A classic and cataloged bad habit that distinguishes women, which generates frustration , tension and demotivation in them. Although they become tolerant, when waiting is an excess it becomes a lack of respect Y consideration . By more rules and limits that are put if they are not fulfilled in the end they lead to the rupture, comments Pilar Manríquez, family psychotherapist .

7. There is someone else. This is one of the difficult crises to overcome that leads directly to the break. Is product of problems of communication , dissatisfaction sex, lack of love and personal hygiene of the couple, in addition to economic problems, says Blanca Elena Mancilla .

Unlike women, they suffer less for ending a relationship, they have less addiction and they take recuperate about a month, the neuroscientist Eduardo Calixto González .

For you, what other causes are reason for a man to break with his courtship?

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