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Lighting a man's desire can go beyond just getting a sexual response. If you want to know the things that excite men the most, follow these recommendations of the sexologist David Barrios. Remember that the things that excite men the most begin with the security you have of yourself. Enjoy and enjoy fully. Discover the things that excite men the most. Read More

5 key caresses for your partner

In sex, caresses are the key to exploring your partner's body and raising passion. According to an investigation of the University of Italy, the loving preamble strengthens the emotional bonds and the trust in the couple. To have a sex of 10, suggests the most effective caresses. Read More

5 behaviors that affect your sex life

Know 5 behaviors that affect your sex life. Avoid behaviors that affect your sex life and improve your privacy. When you overcome these behaviors that affect your sex life you will enjoy a better intimacy. Read More

You must be prepared

We tell you 5 things that determine your first time. One of the 5 things that determine your first time may be group pressure. Among the 5 things that determine your first time is curiosity. Read More

5 things you should avoid during sex

Most sex therapists point out that intimacy with your partner must be special, magical and, above all, full of eroticism; However, there are some things you should avoid during sex, so that the flame of passion does not go out. Read More

5 tips for a sexual date

Does your intimate life bore you? Over the years, the couple can experience some crisis in privacy, either by stress, monotony or simply the loss of interest; However, there are some tips to keep the passion alive as a sexual date. Read More

Self-esteem, key to an erection

In privacy there are certain details that cause erection problems. Comparisons in intimacy with other men can cause erection problems in a man. Many of the erection problems in young men are due to psychological aspects. Read More

Take care of your sex life!

Know the most common excuses to avoid sex and how to avoid them. Do you exonerate to avoid sex? They are more common in marriage. What is the edge for couples to say excuses to avoid sex? Discover it Read More

5 aphrodisiac spices for passion

There are several spices that for their properties, are considered since ancient times as aphrodisiac, so they have been used in various dishes that accompany a night of passion. Read More

5 most exciting places to have sex

The comfort of the bed is not everything in the life of a sexual relationship. There are less common places that are ideal for making love and perfect to break the monotony of sex. Being creative in intimacy increases the libido and stimulates the eroticism in the couple; to experience new sensations and adventures, encourages communication, complicity and love. Read More

Exceed the limit

Discover how to make sex last longer. If you want your partner to last longer in sex, follow these tips. How can you make sex last longer? we tell you. Read More

5 most common problems in bed

Know the most common sexual problems and avoid ruining your relationship. What are the most common sexual problems? Discover it and avoid them. The most common sexual problems have a solution, it is a matter of identifying them in time. Read More

Body and mind in trouble

We present some causes why men can refuse to have sex. Men can refuse to have sex because of complications with both their bodies and their minds. Men can refuse to have sex just like women. Read More

5 tips of sex and heat

The gradual increase of light and heat, which usually occurs during this time, can also imply an increase in pleasurable sensations due to the intervention of certain hormones since more skin is shown by the high temperature, so there is a certain mood and gave Read More

5 masturbation techniques

Masturbation is an excellent practice to satisfy sexual desire. However, a study conducted by the University of Maryland, suggests that this should not replace sexual relations as a couple, because on the contrary the effects would be negative. Read More

5 tips to increase sexual vitality

According to a study from the portal, stress and daily activities are factors that gradually cause a couple's sexual life to fall into monotony and boredom. To keep this from happening, suggests five simple tips to revitalize your sex life. Read More

5 tips to increase your partner's libido

In relationships, the emotional part is as important as the physical part so that the passion ignites. Many times it is necessary to improve the communication outside the bed to be optimized in it. It is a fact that the brain also participates in sex. What you think and imagine in your mind has a lot to do with what you want to do in bed. To ignite the fire in the relationship, both must do their part, be creative and plan different and fun things; Above all, they must ensure that they are compatible so that the pleasure is mutual. 5 infalibes tips 1. Create the right environment and make sure you take the necessary time. Remember that women Read More