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Eating disorders

An unhealthy fashion

Meet celebrities addicted to the thigh gap. Celebrities addicted to the thigh gap promote anorexia. celebrities addicted to the thigh gap in danger. Read More

Causes of eating disorders

The current fashion and culture, emphasize the concept of thinness as beauty, which most of the time, becomes the cause of eating disorders, as a result of the opportunism of fashion, explains Dr. Trisha Gura, author from the book "La mentira de peso". Read More

10 tips to love your body

Eating Disorders Awareness and Prevention, gives you some tips to take care of and accept your body and thereby avoid suffering from eating disorders such as anorexia, bulimia and eating stress. Remember that the key is to have a mental balance, to make better decisions: Read More

4 characteristics of people prone to TA

Even though many teenagers today try to develop thin bodies look like models, many do not have eating disorders. They just need a balanced diet and eat in the right amounts. These are disciplined people, sure of themselves and their appearance. Read More

5 tips to avoid falling into an eating disorder

Eating Disorders Awareness and Prevention, published 10 recommendations to prevent the development of any Eating Disorder (TCA), in this regard, the Ellen West Foundation, gives you the first 5 steps to improve your eating behavior and have quality of life: Read More

Act on time!

Learn about the treatments to overcome anorexia without relapses. Are there treatments to overcome anorexia? Know them and enjoy a quiet life without food problems. Meet one of the new treatments to overcome anorexia. Read More

5 myths about eating disorders

Eating disorders affect more than four million Mexicans, while 40% of Americans have experienced or know someone with bulimia and anorexia. In an interview for GetQoralHealth, Dr. Aracely Aizpuro, director of the Ellen West Foundation, explains what are the eating disorders: Despite the information that is disseminated among the population there are misconceptions about these conditions. According to information published in The Huffington Post, these are the most frequent myths about eating disorders: Myth 1: The disorders revolve around food Truth: These are complex diseases with biological, psychological and sociological bases. Meanwhile, Read More

Recognize them!

The development of anorexia is progressive, so you have to pay attention to the signs. Anorexia disorder involves unusual signs of behavior. Do you know the signs of anorexia? Read More

6 tips vs eating disorders

Eating disorders are serious alterations of eating behavior, and among the three most common are nervous anorexia and bulimia, as well as binge eating disorder Read More

6 causes of eating disorders

Eating disorders such as anorexia and bulimia are two very complex conditions that attack both men and women, however, they are the ones who are more likely to suffer them. According to information published by Ellen West, scientific research indicates that the proportion between women and men with these conditions is approximately 9 to 1, that is, in every 10 cases there is only one man. That is why generic, social and psychological distinctions make obesity and thinness preferentially feminine. Both eating disorders have a very important social component: the culture of thinness, which is a strategy of control over women. Causes of bulimia Read More

Teen with bulimia swallows toothbrush

They are discharging a 17-year-old Brazilian teenager, who suffers from bulimia and who swallowed a toothbrush three months ago when she used it to provoke vomiting. The youngest, known as "Selma", underwent an endoscopy on Saturday to remove the toothbrush that had been lodged in her stomach for three months, but which was extracted so far because the affected one hid the fact. Read More

Food addiction

Food addiction is increasingly recognized as a real condition that has similarities with binge eating, but also has its unique characteristics. Read More

Anorexia is in the genes

According to British scientists reveal that anorexia is linked to genetic factors, because patients have deactivated the insula, a tiny part of the brain. Read More

Anorexia, impacts on fertility

How many times have we heard someone say, "Look at that girl, she probably has anorexia." As crazy as it seems there are people who would love to be called "anorexic", even sometimes it seems as if that qualification was a compliment. However, anorexia is a disease that can be fatal, and a person suffering from this disorder should receive help immediately. Read More

Anorexia nervosa and depression

Depression is the main scenario in which the full results of anorexia are produced. In this psychological stage, the will and emotional stability is distorted and transformed into an alternative reality to justify the practices related to anorexia. This may include a form of increased hypochondria. Only through acceptance and confrontation, a person has the opportunity to fight against anorexia. Read More

Anorexia in men causes osteopenia

According to a study from the Massachusetts General Hospital, male adolescents with some level of anorexia suffer from osteopenia, which is a risk factor that can lead to osteoporosis and fractures. Read More