In favor of the relationship

Equally important is the image individual that you reflect, like the one you create withpartner . Attitudes to be a good boyfriend before people are important to safeguard the privacy and also to prevent others from becoming the worst critics.

In accordance with Posse Ibazeta , professor of University of San Pablo-Tucumán , Argentina, the vulgarity and coarseness generate rejection in any field. And the good behavior not only for people of determined Social sector .


In favor of the relationship

On the other hand, in an interview GetQoralHealth , Azyadeth Peralta , psychologist graduated from Autonomous University of Mexico (UAM) , indicates that behaviors which are or can not be accepted by the society , they are always related to our culture .

Acts as kiss each other in public they rarely have to do with the exhibitionism , yes to the partner she likes to be seen giving small samples of her love , the question is because the others do not accept it.

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