50% of those who suffer a heart attack lose their lives

According to César Rodríguez, president of the Latin American Council of Cardiovascular Care, approximately 50% of people who suffer a heart attack lose their lives before reaching the hospital. This condition represents the first cause of death in Mexico and the main risk factors to develop it are: Read More

Diabetic ketoacidosis can be deadly

Diabetes mellitus (DM) is considered a public health problem whose incidence continues to grow worldwide. In Mexico there are more than four million people with this condition, and just over a million who have not yet been diagnosed. Read More

Control diabetes this Christmas

To enjoy the wonders of the holiday season, it is necessary to take into account the risks for diabetics. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention of the United States government suggest some practical tips that patients can implement during the holidays. To not interrupt the feeding plan: Read More

Figures in Mexico of obesity in the elderly

The National Health and Aging Study in Mexico, carried out in 2000, indicates that approximately 30% of the older adult population analyzed was malnourished and 15% were obese. Malnutrition is more common among residents of rural areas than among urban residents, while obesity is more prevalent in urban areas. Read More

Cholesterol is more frequent in men

Currently, the population in the Federal District is characterized by a pattern of very high triglyceride values; for cholesterol levels that exceed the figure that is considered acceptable, which is 200 milligrams per deciliter of blood. Although this problem does not cause direct discomfort, it can damage the arteries of the brain and heart, the abdominal viscera and the lower limbs. Other effects that can result are cardiovascular disease, in particular, ischemic heart disease, and high blood pressure, because the fat plates accumulate inside the arteries and this makes it difficult for blood to pass through. arteries, and can chronically Read More

Daniel von Bargen tries to commit suicide

The attempt of suicide of Daniel von Bargen has generated surprise in the society. The actor, known as the "Mr. Kruger" in the television series Seinfeld, shot himself in the temple with a Colt38 pistol to "escape" from the complications generated by diabetes. Read More

Diabetes mellitus and older adults

It is one of the most frequent non-contagious diseases in the world. This is diabetes mellitus, a group of metabolic diseases that have in common the presence of an increase in sugar (glucose) in the blood, due to an alteration in the secretion of insulin by the pancreas or a lack of efficacy of its action on the tissues of the body. Read More

Dibetes and mortality in the elderly

Until August 2010; 22 thousand 30 adults had been detected with diabetes in Mexico. In an interview with Dr. María Esther Lozano Dávila. Deputy Director of Aging for Preventive Programs and Disease Control, talks about diabetes. Read More

Diverticulosis is common in older adults

If you are one of the people who consume processed foods, you should know that you are not getting enough fiber in your diet, and it is very likely that you suffer from constipation, hard stools and you have to make a lot of effort at the time of going to the bathroom. These actions could increase the pressure in your colon and generate diverticulosis, which is the formation of small bags or sacs in the inner lining of the intestines, mainly in the thick. Causes and risk factors According to specialists from the National Institutes of Health of the United States, the causes of the formation of bags or bags of diverticulosis are unknown; howev Read More

Diabetes in the elderly

Diabetes is a disease in which the body does not produce insulin or does not use it properly. Insulin is a hormone needed to transform sugar, starch and other foods into the energy we need for our daily lives. In an interview with Dr. María Esther Lozano Dávila. Deputy Director of Aging for Preventive Programs and Disease Control, talks about diabetes. Read More

Lack of B vitamins cause depression and fatigue

The lack of vitamins B1, B6 and B12, is a common cause of depression, fatigue and loss of muscle mass in older adults, said Dr. Martín Dávalos Gómez, a geriatric specialist at the Mexican Social Security Institute (IMSS) in Jalisco. The doctor mentioned that the deficiency of vitamin B12 is a cause of sarcopenia, a disorder characterized by the decrease of muscle mass, thinning and fragility. Read More

Impact of overweight and obesity in women

The situation is worrisome: in 20 states of the country, 10 of them located in the northern region, the prevalence of obesity exceeds the national average, which is 32.4%. The bad news is for the female population: in those states, women have accumulated more weight than men, children and adolescents. Read More

Glaucoma is the third cause of blindness

According to the World Health Organization, approximately 14 million people in the world suffer from glaucoma; in Mexico it is estimated that 20% of the population is at risk of having this disease, which represents the third cause of blindness on the planet. Read More

Hypertension detonates brain diseases

This World Day of Arterial Hypertension is celebrated on May 17, a condition that affects the Mexican population more every day. Currently, 30% of Mexicans over 20 years of age have high blood pressure. More than 50% of men over 60 suffer from it, while in women the condition occurs in almost 60% for the same age range. Read More