Stroke can be prevented

A cerebrovascular accident (CVA), also known as stroke, embolism or cerebral hemorrhage, is one of the leading causes of death and the first cause of disability in older adults in the world. Read More

Armando Manzanero presents the audience "the song INAPAM"

As part of the celebration of the Month of the Elderly, the National Institute for the Elderly (Inapam), a decentralized public body attached to the Ministry of Social Development, presented the Canto Inapam to the public, a tribute to the experience and values ​​of the elderly Read More

What is the best support system for seniors?

As life expectancy in the world continues to rise, there are those who wonder who will take care of the assistance of all the elderly. Some will feel bad if their children send them to a nursing home, where they have to reside with other elderly people. The stigma associated with this is that they will lead a sedentary life, in a senile environment. There is also the fear of isolation from the outside world, where you lose touch with your other friends, and miss your normal life, and your children visit them, or worse, forget them completely. This situation has caused people to reconsider taking their parents or elderly relatives to an asylum Read More

Mexico in crisis due to shortage of nurses

In the country there are only 19 nurses for every 10 thousand inhabitants, while the World Health Organization (WHO) recommends a minimum of 84, said Maria del Pilar Servitje, head of the Board of Directors of the Delegation of the Federal District of the Red Cross Mexican Read More

Migrant Senectud, health panorama in the US

Faced with the problem of migration of Mexican citizens, the sector of older adults forms a population group that has endured a long period of time adapting to a new life and now requires specific attention to their health. In 2008, the Binational Health Week organization released some figures about adult people and their health problems in the United States. Read More

5 tips for healthy pregnancy

Usually when it comes to care during pregnancy, the main concern are those related to food, the intake of medicines required, as well as physical and emotional health. Read More

9 months of pregnancy in full form

Except in exceptional cases, being pregnant does not mean staying still or stop exercising. If a woman before pregnancy was an athlete, she should not stop doing it; If, on the other hand, you have never practiced sports, it is time to start with exercises that will provide you with health and well-being. Among the many reasons to exercise during pregnancy, there are three that stand out for their strength: Read More

9 foods that improve fertility

Once considered the idea of ​​having a baby, it is important that you prepare for the specific requirements of pregnancy, one of them is food. It is important to have a balanced diet to cover the nutrients that improve the quality of the ovule, such as the implantation of the embryo and the development of the fetus. Read More

A drink to toast for a new life?

Consuming alcohol before the first pregnancy may increase the chances of developing breast cancer. Breast cancer is among the leading causes of death, and may be influenced by alcohol consumption before the first pregnancy. Read More

Care and hygiene

The first teeth are known as milk teeth, this name is given because they are whiter and smaller than those that will follow once they move. As with permanent teeth, these first teeth have at their center, the nerve and pulp that give the sensitivity and humidity that the piece needs. Read More

Threat of abortion detonates hemorrhages in childbirth

According to Jesús Jorge Beltrán Montoya, specialist in gynecology and obstetrics, head of the Operating Room and Emergencies of the National Institute of Perinatology (InPer), natural birth is not a simple matter, on the contrary it is one of the most complicated moments in life Women's. Read More

Learn to overcome a miscarriage

When we want to help parents who have gone through the miscarriage of a spontaneous abortion, we realize that they are usually in such a state of shock that they do not even know what they need. Read More

Colic in pregnancy is normal

During pregnancy it is normal to feel some type of pain or discomfort in the belly. However, what is not normal is that this pain is very strong. When this is the case, you should go to the doctor immediately. There are several causes that cause these cramps. GetQoralHealth tells you what they are. Read More

Eating during childbirth is safe for health

Eating allows recovering the forces between one contraction and another; however, in many hospitals, eating or drinking during labor is not allowed. Many moms wonder if they can eat something, even if it's sucking a candy palette or drinking juices, to recover strength and quench thirst or dry mouth. Read More

Stem cells and umbilical cord are life expectancy

Although the umbilical cord blood transplant is practiced in hundreds of cases a year in many countries, the one carried out last year in a hospital in Seville, (Spain) became a pioneer in the world because it involved 2 brothers. Javier, the donor conceived and born after a Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis (PGD), and his brother Andrés, aged 7, who suffered from an incurable severe congenital anemia. Read More