5 emotions that influence your purchases

How many times have you returned home with objects or services that are useless in your life? Buying by necessity or to satisfy an emotion are two totally different things although both are intimately mixed; however, the latter can lead to a compulsive disorder.

According to the specialist, Barry Feig author of the book Hot Botton Marketing , there are emotional reasons that can contribute to your purchases. GetQoralHealth presents you five of them:

1. Fun Consciously or not, buying generates happiness which produces a sense of ecstasy or fun.

2. Desire for control. People are in the constant search for recognition by others and this can be obtained through the consumption of certain things.

3. Belonging Many acquire services to feel part of a select group or with their lifestyle.

4. Sex This is a powerful emotional mechanism, since it is stimulated by different areas: desire, passion, sexual traction and beauty.

5. Family values. It is expected to achieve a stereotype composed of union, happiness, filial love and commitment.

Even if you do not believe it, between 70% and 80% of the purchase decisions that you make are made unconsciously, this is where your emotions intervene, as indicated Hans- Georg Häusel expert in neuromarketing.

However, this can become a compulsive disorder, a condition that generates anguish and an inability to express emotions, establish an identity and autonomy.

Only maintaining a balanced life can help you avoid a compulsive disorder that affects your finances. Remember, any excess can be a sign that something is wrong. Beware!

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