Figures in Mexico of obesity in the elderly

The National Health and Aging Study in Mexico, carried out in 2000, indicates that approximately 30% of the older adult population analyzed was malnourished and 15% were obese. The malnutrition It is more common among residents of rural areas than among those of urban areas, while obesity is more prevalent in urban areas.


It was observed that both malnutrition and obesity are more common in women than in men. About 9% of the population reports having functionality problems At least one activity of daily life (walking, bathing, eating, going to the bathroom and moving to bed).


In Mexico, the National Health Survey showed that the prevalence of obesity and overweight increased from 21.5% in 1993 to 23.7% in 2000. In people between 60 and 79 years old, 39% were overweight and 26% were overweight. obesity.


There are many factors that intervene in the overweight of the elderly. With aging, men and women suffer from an increase in fat mass and a reduction in lean mass. This causes a decrease in thebasal metabolism and a lower energy demand.


After 60 the physical activity diminishes, there is a tendency to perform less physical activity thanks to retirement, illness, isolation. etc. However, the amount in the food intake remains intact.