Good cholesterol decreases due to psoriasis

According to research conducted at the University of Pennsylvania, the inflammation caused by the psoriasis could cause changes in the cholesterol of a person, which include weakening the function of the high density lipoprotein (HDL) .

The researchers said that if confirmed, the findings could help explain why people with psoriasis , a chronic skin condition, are at greater risk of heart attack , cerebrovascular accident Y cardiovascular death , especially if it occurs moderate to severe.

In this sense, they have observed that the levels of HDL could be lower in the states of inflammation , as happens in the rheumatoid arthritis , and even, in the obesity .

However, the Chronic inflamation associated with conditions such as psoriasis , could change the composition and reduce the function of HDL , according to Dr. Nehal Mehta, director of the Inflammatory Risk Clinic of the preventive cardiology program at the university.

In this investigation, the levels of cholesterol of 78 people with psoriasis and examined the number and size of the particles of cholesterol . In such a way that the results were compared with those of 84 people who did not suffer from thecutaneous infection .

The authors found that patients with psoriasis they had a greater number of particles of "bad" cholesterol , not related to other risk factors obesity , and that those particles were smaller.

In a second study, the researchers saw that also the HDL of the participants eliminated the cholesterol of the cells involved in the atherosclerosis ; so have psoriasis it was associated with a reduction in the protective benefit of good cholesterol of around 25%.

Although the study discovered an association between psoriasis and the function of cholesterol , did not prove a causal relationship, and specialists point out that more studies are needed to confirm the relationship.

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