New habits?

The diet "Paleo" proposes a feeding mode that imitates the habits of the first humans, nomads, hunters and gatherers, of the historical period of the Paleolithic.

The people who decide to adopt this Lifestyle they are prohibited from consuming packaged, processed or canned foods, as well as refined sugars, sausages, dairy products or cereal derivatives. Their diet consists of a high intake of red meats, fresh fruits and vegetables, and nuts or seeds.

Regarding cereals, the doctor Alicia Parra Carriedo , coordinator of the Nutrition Clinic of the Ibeoamerican University He recalled that human beings left the nomadism to become sedentary in the Neolithic period, and cereals contributed to this fact. He stressed that these should not be eliminated from a diet healthy.

"Each cultural group has a cereal and a legume on which they base their diet. In the case of Mexico, we have corn and beans. In the diet of the human being, the advisable thing is that the carbohydrates constitute between 50 and 60% of the total energy ", expressed.


New habits?

Vine He indicated that, although the reduction of the consumption of sausages and processed foods presents great benefits for the individual who chooses to eat as a human in ancient times, the risks can be presented when eating too much red meat and not making physical activity .

"Currently, we know that meat has to be limited, because there has been an increase in the population in saturated fatty acids Y cholesterol , which finally leads to diseases such as arteriosclerosis, "clarified the nutritionist.

In addition, he pointed out, the meat that is currently consumed does not share the properties of the meat that our ancestors hunted: the second came from game animals, with a feeding different from fattening animals, and much more lean.

On the other hand, the doctor recalled that, in ancestral periods , human beings made enormous physical efforts, so their levels of activity are incomparable to those of an average person today.

Vine also criticized the periods of fast intermittent between abundant meals proposed by the diet Paleo, which, according to its followers, allows reserved calories to be depleted in the form of glycogen and promote the burning of fats.

Finally, he warned about eating too many nuts or almonds, because, according to his words, although the lipids of the oleaginous fruits are beneficial, in excess they can cause overweight .