If you fall in love with everything, you're sure like that ...

If you like people of the same sex you are homosexual; if you are attracted to another sex, then you are heterosexual; if you prefer both sexes, you are bisexual; but if you like everything that exists in the universe, are youpansexual ?

Thepansexuality is a sexual orientation that is characterized by the attraction aesthetic, romantic or sexual without distinguishing gender or sexuality. Derived from the Greek prefix "bread", which means "everything", this new label allows many people to identify better with their sexuality.


"Man, woman, transsexual, there are no impediments to fall in love with one another in the world of pansexuality," reveals a study by the Graduate Journal of Social Science.

People pansexual have the ability to be attracted, leaving aside the sexuality of these, and putting their attention, mainly, on their feelings, their way of being, behaving, or relating to the rest of the people that surround them, being able to establish relationships with women, men, transsexuals, bisexuals, intersex (or hermaphrodites) or transvestites.

Miley Cyrus admitted to being pansexual in an interview with the magazine Elle , where he explained that he does not identify with the conventional figure of a man or a woman, and he feels as comfortable with a pink dress as playing soccer. He said he leads a busy life that changes constantly, so he also does with his fellow sentimental.

Bepansexual It does not mean to be fascinated by all humans in any of its forms and to have relationships at the same time with or without protection. The pansexual will be attracted to the person from whom he gets sentimental, spiritual or intellectual stimulation.

Bepansexual It is not only a new way of seeing the world, but a vision of accepting everyone without discrimination.

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