Glaucoma is the third cause of blindness

According to World Health Organization approximately 14 million people in the world suffer from glaucoma; in Mexico it is estimated that 20% of the population is at risk of having said disease, which represents the third cause of blindness in the planet.

The glaucoma It occurs regularly in patients older than 40 years, mostly women, with a family history of this visual disease or who suffer hypertension Y diabetes , but it also occurs after traumatisms , because the patient is treated with cortisone , which is one of the causes of glaucoma secondary, warns Arturo Castilleja Quiles , ophthalmologist Angeles Lindavista Hospital .

Do you use drops?

In cities with a high pollution index it is common to present chronic irritative conjunctivitis , and the affected person goes to the pharmacy to buy anti-inflammatory drops, which usually contain cortisone , This is a steroid that conditions in some people the risk of generating glaucoma , explains the specialist.

In addition, Castilleja Quiles points out that a person with glaucoma may not present any annoyance , irritation or redness until it begins to progressively lose sight. The symptoms of glaucoma are: Intraocular pressure above 20 millimeters of mercury, optic nerves damaged and abnormal visual fields .

The glaucoma it does not cure but there are surgeries that help the Pressure of the eye decrease, as well as medications that control the symptomatology.

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