Diabetes is a cause of heart attacks

The Mellitus diabetes is a disease which is characterized by having high levels of sugar in the blood . According to the doctor Rutilia Castañeda Lemons , Head of Line of Research in Diabetes Mellitus Type 2 in the Regional Hospital No. 1 Dr. Carlos McGregor of the IMSS The main cause of death in patients with diabetes is infarction, with the risk being even greater in women.

In an interview with GetQoralHealth , Dr. Castañeda indicated that they also increase not only the chances of presenting a cardiovascular disease, but the possibility of die . This happens frequently because of the lack of watch out of women and the value that characterizes them.

For this reason, any pain in the center of the chest is an alert so that they go to look for help that goes directed not only to normalize the levels of sugar in the blood , but also to control the figures of blood pressure , cholesterol Y triglycerides .

Another important aspect to reduce the risk of the appearance of a heart attack is to avoid tobacco. "If all this is combined with the desperate search for patients to desire to look and feel good, and not have complications through weight loss will have better results through the practice ofexercise and relearn how to eat, "said the specialist.

In addition, Dr. Castañeda explained that the American Heart Association considers Aspirin (in low doses) as the gold standard in reducing cardiovascular risk in women with this or other risks, because it prevents the formation of clots .

Thus, in a clinical study of primary prevention called "Women's Health Study", which included 40 thousand women aged 45 years and older, the results showed that those who took Aspirin in low doses (from 75 to 325 mg) on ​​a regular basis had a global reduction of 17% of cerebral vascular events, while in women older than 65 the reduction was 34% in the risk of myocardial infarction .

Hence the importance of taking preventive measures to avoid serious problems such as angina pectoris , heart attack , sudden death Y Obesity Y overweight, which in turn can generate greater complications in patients with diabetes .

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