Diabetes in the elderly

Diabetes is a disease in which the organism does not produce insulin or does not use it properly . Insulin is a hormone needed to transform sugar, starch and other foods into the energy we need for our daily lives.

In an interview, Dr. María Esther Lozano Dávila . Deputy Director of Aging for Preventive Programs and Disease Control, talks about diabetes.

Diabetes and obesity

Diabetes is associated with obesity, the increase of triglycerides and with unhealthy lifestyles that cause insulin can not work to unfold sugars or starches , since the body receives them in greater quantities.

"Diabetes is thought to be a disease of older adults, and it turns out that diabetes occurs at any age , occurs mainly in the population in productive age

Of the people who have diabetes, the total number of people who debuted with this disease, being older adults is only 28.6%, which means that the rest were diagnosed in orafter stages of life and they reach the stage of adulthood with this problem.

Being an adult is not synonymous with illness, there are many diseases that begin in another stage, especially those chronic degenerative and they are accentuated in the older adult.

It is important that we know that 5 out of every 100 older adults have diabetes; In other words, 45 adults out of every thousand have diabetes.

Until August 2010; 22 thousand 30 adults had been detected with diabetes in Mexico.

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