Daniel von Bargen tries to commit suicide

The attempt of suicide of Daniel von Bargen It has generated surprise in society. The actor, known as the "Mr. Kruger" in the television series Seinfeld, shot himself in the temple with a Colt38 gun to "escape" the complications generated by the diabetes .

According to information published by excelsior.com Daniel von Bargen was hospitalized after he asked 911 for help.

The celebrity website TMZ.com noted that the actor, 61, had to undergo surgery so that you amputee several toes, because of the diabetes .

The latest medical reports indicate that he is "seriously injured", but he is progressing favorably.


Diabetic foot, most common cause of amputation

The specialists of Angeles Hospitals ensure that 8% of the population suffers diabetes mellitus, so the diabetic foot is the most frequent cause of amputation in the lower extremities.

This is because with the passage of time, said disease alters vascularity and nervous sensation, so any injury in the feet causes the death of muscle fibers and, consequently, the amputation .

It is important that these patients have a timely diagnosis and treatment, to avoid complications.


Learn to take care of your feet

The Mexican Diabetes Federation A.C. gives you the following recommendations to maintain healthy feet:

  1. Wash your feet : Use water and neutral soap and rub them gently with a cotton towel. The water temperature should be lukewarm.
  2. Keep them dry : Remove excess water with a soft cotton towel, especially between your fingers.
  3. Keep them soft : Use a lubricating cream, taking care not to apply it between the toes, in this area you can apply talcum powder.
  4. Protect them : Always use shoes and socks. If they break, do not repair them, better buy new ones.

Remember that the basis to avoid complications is to keep glucose levels as close as possible to the ranges considered normal (70 to 100 mg / dl).

Video Medicine: 'Seinfeld' Actor Daniel von Bargen Critical After Suicide Attempt (March 2024).