Light affects the mood

Low temperatures, as well as poor sunlight and personal circumstances, cause cases of depression increase during the era decembrina until 40%.

"During the winter , the brain releases more noradrenaline , serotonin Y gamma acid , neurotransmitters that increase the depression ", Add Alonso Fernández Guasti scientist Center for Research and Advanced Studies (Cinvestav) .

On the other hand, Gabriela Cámara Cáceres, President of Voice Pro Mental Health , adds that in winter, cases of depression because the function of the serotonin , a substance that establishes communication between the neurons .


Light affects the mood

Alonso Fernández says it has been proven that the scarce light of the Sun alters the mood, causing depression . So he recommends exposing eight hours in spaces with natural lighting.

The low temperatures They also favor this disease, since people perform less physical work and choose to stay in bed or not to leave their house. This is an attitude that occurs mainly in the elderly.

To the above, the fact that during December and January people suffer from major episodes of anxiety because they seek to do the "impossible" to organize the best meeting, or get the best gift for their family.

Other situations that predispose the depression are theunemployment , the situation economic , couple problems, divorce , family breakup, absence of a to be loved , to mention a few.


How to prevent?

Ricardo Gallardo Contreras, head of the Psychiatry Service of the Hospital Juárez de México , explains that the depression it is characterized by lapses of sadness apathy pessimism or anxiety , as well as lack of attention, concentration or memory.

Obsessive ideas, insomnia excessive sleepiness Headaches , gastritis , colitis and decrease of the sexual desire , are clear symptoms of this disease.

The women are more likely to suffer depression for the hormonal changes and because they are more likely to lead a vine rhythm more Stressful .

To prevent seasonal depression during this time, Fernández Guasti He pointed out that there are natural substances such as valerian teas or capsules that help to reduce these symptoms.

The easiest way to not alter the mood is to make exercise , like running or swimming. Activity anaerobic , like lifting weights, is also very beneficial.

Gallardo Contreras warning that in extreme cases, if timely care is not received, symptoms can be Complicate and get to try suicide .

Hence, it is advisable to go to a medical check in case you notice any of these symptom or if you notice that you have stopped performing your regular activities or have lost interest in relating to other people. Take care and stay active!

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