Diaper change and incontinence clothes

There are transient or permanent diseases that force many adults to remain prostrate in bed for a long time or, perhaps, for the rest of his days. Whether due to a neurological condition (such as senile dementias and cerebrovascular accidents), cardiopulmonary diseases , or as a result of a traumatic accident, among other causes, many patients have problems of urinary and fecal incontinence that forces them to use diapers for adults. The care and attention to avoid suffering from chafing and irritation of the skin in the diaper area, they are practically the same as those of a baby , with the exception that the skin of an adult or older person, in bed or wheelchair, does not regenerate easily.


  • Useful tips on changing diapers for adults

To achieve the best possible use of diapers for adults, specialists from the National Institutes of Health of the United States point out a series of guidelines to follow, such as continuously reviewing the state of the diaper Y change it taking into account the moisture indicator with which many accessories count on the outside (bands that change from light to dark, as they become saturated with urine).

As far as possible and according to the patient's condition, it is preferable that the diaper change be made between two persons to avoid efforts. It is also important to check with each change that there is no redness or irritation of the skin, and if this occurs, notify the doctor to avoid possible injuries and ulcers. The prevention of sore formation in the sacrum, buttocks and genitals, hydrating the skin daily with protective creams and a good supply of fluids. As with babies, it is necessary to keep the adult clean and dry.

In the bedridden or seated patient, it is essential to make frequent changes of posture and avoid long periods of immobility; although it will always be better to encourage him to get up and walk.


Special underwear for incontinent men and women

Use a comfortable wardrobe with Loose clothes and easy to open and driving is highly recommended for this type of patients. Reusable underwear items for incontinence can help save money; These resemble underpants with a waterproof crotch and are designed to keep the reusable pant liner in place.

Likewise, for women there is a new line of underwear for incontinence that looks like normal lingerie, but has the absorption of disposable diapers. Is underwear does not require the use of additional pads; instead it has a crotch design that quickly removes moisture from the skin and is available in a variety of control levels of urine leakage.

For men who have problems with the constant leakage of small amounts of urine, there are urinary collectors that consist of a small pocket with absorbent pad , with a waterproof back side. The urinary catheter is worn over the penis and held in place with tight underwear. They can also use a condom-type catheter device, which is placed over the penis. This device has at the tip a tube connected to a collection bag that is attached to the leg and can handle small or large amounts of urine with little odor, minimal skin irritation and ease of use.

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