Ultra-bad cholesterol

The British University of Warwick has discovered a variant of cholesterol , the MGmin-Ldl or ultra-bad cholesterol . Its high presence in the blood would significantly increase the risks of suffering from cardiovascular disease in people who suffer type 2 diabetes .

According to this study funded by the British Heart Foundation, the risks linked to an excessive concentration of bad cholesterol are those represented by the clusters of grease on the walls of the arteries .

The MGmin-Ldl presents a structure that makes it even more dangerous than thebad cholesterol . Its molecule derives from a process of glycation (chemical reaction by contact with sugars ) that makes it smaller and stickier and increases its ability to hold on to the walls of arteries obstructing the passage of blood and the oxygen .

The bad cholesterol tends to cause cases of hyperglycemia ; that is, increase of blood sugar , and the higher your presence in the agency, the more likely it is that the transformation of the bad cholesterol in ultra-bad .

To know a little more about the types of cholesterol and its characteristics, in an interview with GetQoralHealth the cardiologist, Dr. Joel Estrada, explains:

Researchers at the University of Warwick argue that the discovery of this new form of cholesterol will help in the investigation of coronary diseases, especially in the elderly and in people who suffer type 2 diabetes .

"Our next challenge will be to contrast this dangerous type of cholesterol , carrying out therapies with the aim of neutralizing the harmful effects in the arteries of patients, "said Naila Rabbani, head of the investigation.