Control diabetes this Christmas

To enjoy the wonders of the holiday season, it is necessary to take into account the risks for diabetics. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention of the United States government suggest some practical tips that patients can implement during the holidays.

So as not to interrupt the plan feeding :

  • Eat a healthy snack before the party to avoid eat the rest
  • In advance, ask the menu of the dinner to adapt it to your food plan
  • Bring a nutritious snack or a prepared food for you and other people

During dinner

The secret to not suffer during the Christmas celebration is to choose healthy food and limit the size of the portions .

  • Serve smaller amounts of food
  • Take drinks of low calories.
  • If you take alcoholic drinks , limit yourself to one drink per day if you are a woman, two if you are a man, and drink only with meals.
  • Choose lean meats (cuts that have no fat) and do not eat turkey skin or roast chicken. Add vegetables to the classic side dishes, and do not eat fried foods.
  • Take care of the salt portions
  • Coma fruits instead of cakes or other desserts
  • Concentrate more on family activities than on food
  • Go out to walk after eating or dance during the party

During trips Leaving home and moving from one place to another, becomes a change of routine than the recent body. So it is important to maintain control of diabetes and be aware of any symptom out of the ordinary .

  • Get tested for glucose more often, schedule changes can affect blood sugar levels
  • Carry all your medicines Packing the double in case there is an unforeseen delay in the trip.
  • Have on hand refreshments , gel or tablets glucose in case you lower your blood sugar level
  • Tell your family and friends your social security numbers, the doctor's phone number or major medical expenses insurance information
  • Carry an identification that reports on your suffering of diabetes
  • Take into account the change of time zones to maintain the periodicity of their medications
  • Keep the insulin at a low temperature inside a insulating bag with cold gel packs
  • Prepare a kit with the hard-to-get foods on the travel route that allow you to follow your diet (fruits, raw cut vegetables, low-fat or low-fat yogurt)
  • Be sure to perform physical activity moderate for at least 30 minutes, 5 days a week

If you travel by plane

This means of transport offers advantages of time; however, it has its own characteristics that must be considered.

  • Decrease the risk of blood clots walking once per hour in air transport.
  • Carry a bottle of Water that does not exceed 100 ml
  • If you use a insuline bomb inform the security personnel before going through the metal detectors.
  • Put all diabetes supplies in your hand luggage Keep medications close to your seat for easy access.
  • Make sure that all syringes and insulin delivery systems have the pharmaceutical label that identifies them as medicines
  • If it should be applied insulin in the plane , do not inject air into the bottle (remember that the air inside the plane is pressurized)

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