One step away from eternal life ...

The constant search to find solutions or improve the quality of life in the face of various diseases, it has promoted a constant development in the area of ​​medicine, which is reflected in our life expectancy.

However, what are the medical advances of 2013 and that, not only offer hope, but a more encouraging future?

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One step away from eternal life ...

Here we show you some medical advances this year and that will surprise you. Get them!

1. Avoid memory loss. Scientists of the New York University developed a method to improve the coordination of different regions of the brain , which can significantly reduce forgetting

2. Melanoma portable detector. Skin cancer caused by UV rays is classified as melanomas (those that originate in the cells that give color to the skin) and non-melanomas (originating in the most superficial layers of the skin).

A new portable device approved by the FDA facilitates the identification of skin lesions associated with skin cancer. The Aura de Verisante team - which integrates image technology created by the military to guide missiles - is placed on the suspicious zone and generates a series of microscopic visualizations.

3. Knee. Two surgeons at the hospital University of Louvain, in Belgium, have presented the first complete anatomical description of a new ligament in the knee human This anterolateral ligament (LAL), whose existence until now was only suspected, could play a key role in patients with rupture of the anterior cruciate ligament.

4. A new possibility in prostate cancer. The drug Enzalutamide, approved a few months ago, is the most powerful inhibitor currently available against testosterone receptors, hormone which has been identified in several studies as a key factor in the emergence and advancement of prostate cancer . The drug prevents testosterone from entering the nucleus of the cell and stimulates the genes that induce the growth of cancer.

5. Lungs for transplants . A new technique could achieve that almost 40% of the lungs that are discarded today due to defects become apt for transplants. In the ex vivo perfusion method - that is, out of the body - the lungs They are removed from the donor and placed in a transparent bubble-like chamber that connects to a cardiopulmonary pump and a respirator.

6. Goodbye to decay. The team of scientists of the Foundation for the Promotion of Sanitary and Biomedical Research of the Valencian Community, of Valencia, Spain, directed by the researcher Alejandro Mira, has determined that a new species of bacteria called Streptococcus dentisani can be an excellent shield against cavities.

7. A cure for lack of love. The researchers of the University of Michigan they revealed in a study that we all have a "natural analgesic" against rejection and lack of love. According to the research published in the journal Molecular Psychiatry , the human brain is able to produce opioids to emotionally relieve people who have been sentimentally rejected.

The advances in medicine of 2013 they are the fruit of long researches and the beginning for new healing opportunities. The most important thing is to continue in the search.

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