Brain exercise to exercise memory

Previously it was believed that the loss of memory and the confusion they were part of the normal process of aging , but this is not the case anymore. Nowadays, several studies show that most people stay alert and have good use of their faculties as they get older, although it may take a little longer to remember things.

The specialists of National Institute on Aging United States (NIA, for its acronym in English) indicate that a combination of small mental exercises , Healthy habits and one healthy food , is the key to exercising memory of all, not only that of the adults mayor s.


Tips to exercise memory

  • Solve Crosswords Y sudokus , memorize the super list or remember the characters in a book or movie are some of the many recommendations of the NIA. Experts point out that data are more easily retained if they are written, so it is advisable to write them down or have an agenda that reminds us of tasks, activities or appointments.
  • Review the information that we have received and try to remember it after 24 hours and a week later.
  • Learn techniques mnemonic , this is the mental association of ideas, schemes, exercises systematic or repetitions, try to remember rare or unusual words by association with simple things, or connect mentally with known songs or verses that have a special meaning.
  • Remember things with the use of fantasy and with the association of fixed objects. Try to remember unusual or unusual words by association with simple things.
  • Exaggerate what we want to remember or make it absurd, funny or even rude.
  • Use colors to reinforce imagination .

Actions are more effective than thoughts

80% of the memory of distant things is stored visually rather than with words. Therefore, to remember where we left something forgotten, we must try to "see" ourselves mentally to know what we were doing.

In Spain initiatives are carried out to improve the memory of the elderly. The City Hall of Salamanca performs a program, led by a team of the Faculty of Psychology of the University of Salamanca , which has been proposed to train the elderly in the use of memory enhancement techniques.

The goal is that older adults do not easily forget everyday things and improve their quality of life. The program urges them to remember a certain number of objects of the route that they do every day, they work with agendas and they are taught to strive to do it in a systematic way.


Feed our brain

  1. People with bad circulation and that they do not take care of themselves, they will suffer, in the long term, problems to think, even if they carry out stimulating activities.
  2. Avoid foods that produce the so-called cholesterol bad, because they obstruct arteries and prevent the oxygen I arrived to brain .
  3. Eat fresh vegetables and fruits, pasta, legumes and foods that contain magnesium, iodine and phosphorus.
  4. The brain makes a substance called phosphatidylserine (FS) that serves to keep the cell membranes . In order to generate it, you need vitamins like B12 and folic acid.

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