5 reasons why you should not drink when you drive

According to research from the National Addiction Center, some data have been collected on alcohol intake and consequences when driving while intoxicated. We present only 5 that could make you change your mind if you are going to drink and drive. Read More

Consume them in moderation!

Meet the most addictive alcoholic beverages and moderate their consumption. Alcoholism damages your body, so avoid the most addictive alcoholic beverages to improve your health. What are the addictive alcoholic beverages? Discover it Read More

1. Choose who and where you will drink

Learn how to achieve responsible consumption of alcohol. Responsible alcohol consumption ensures you do not suffer accidents due to excesses. What is the responsible consumption of alcohol? Read More

5 treatments vs. alcoholic hepatitis

Alcoholic hepatitis is an acute inflammation of the liver and is a deadly disease with limited alternatives of treatment, which is why abstinence is important to prevent the liver from suffering more damage. Read More

5 reasons to stop drinking

Alcohol consumption is normal among youth, because it is the age at which social gatherings begin; however, this implies a problem when the intake can not be controlled. Therefore, the most healthy for your mind and body is to stop drinking excessive amounts of this liquid. Read More

6 tips to identify alcohol abuse

Not all people who have problems of addiction are like the stereotypes presented by the media: this statement may seem obvious, but the truth is that alcoholics often know how to disguise their problems very well. Read More

9 myths about alcohol consumption

There are many myths about alcohol and its consumption, most of them related to the abuse of this substance. Stories that emerge from the communities but that only inform wrongly, especially vulnerable groups such as adolescents. Therefore, we present some of the most commented and if they are true or lie: 1. The mixture of different drinks makes one get drunk faster. Lie. The only thing that matters is the amount and speed with which it is ingested. 2. Alcohol does not make you fat. Lie. Alcohol can make fatters who eat regularly fed. It provides more calories than sugars and starches, although less than fats. Alcoholic beverages can contrib Read More

8 measures vs alcohol intoxication

With holidays come the holidays, so the coexistence with friends or family and good mood influence the consumption of alcohol in people, so you have to be careful with intoxicating drinks because you can register an intoxication alcoholic that harms our body. Read More

Alcohol withdrawal generates hallucinations

The excessive consumption of alcohol generates very serious problems for physical and psychological health, both for the people who drink it and their families, because alcoholism causes traffic accidents, domestic violence and nervous system damage. Read More

7 effects of alcohol on the body

During these holiday celebrations it is very common abuse in the consumption of alcohol which causes considerable damage to our body. Here you will find 7 reasons why it is advisable to abstain from the intake of alcoholic beverages and thus avoid havoc in your body: Read More

Alcohol abuse is a risk factor at Christmas

During the celebrations of these Christmas dates there is a high consumption of alcoholic beverages in our country, particularly in adults under 30 years. In an interview for, FISAC psychologist Jessica Paredes DurĂ¡n, teaches us to identify alcohol abuse: Read More

Alcohol causes abdominal obesity

The European Journal of Clinical Nutrition revealed in recent studies, that the consumption of alcohol for a prolonged period of time produces abdominal obesity in both men and women. In the case of men, it also raises the Body Mass Index (BMI). Read More

Alcoholism due to stress and immaturity

Alcoholism has been installed as the most affordable vice for adolescents seeking escape and fun above anything. The figures of the Foundation of Social Investigations (FISAC) turn on the emergency lights: in Mexico there are more than 3.5 million young people at risk of falling into alcoholism. Read More

Diseases to the liver generated by excess alcohol

Exaggerated alcohol intake has complex conditioning factors (genetic, psychological, social and economic) as well as individual and social harmful effects. Some of these effects are a consequence of acute intake (accidents, aggressions, non-attendance, etc.) and others are caused by chronic intake. In the latter case several organs are affected, highlighting the liver by its severity and frequency. Read More

Spray alcohol without side effects

The French designer Philippe Starck and the American scientist David Edwards have teamed up to create a small spray that allows you to enjoy the "pleasure of alcohol" without worrying about its side effects. Read More

Alcohol increases cancer risk

The link between the effects of alcohol and the risk of cancer is poorly understood. It may be possible that the type of risk depends on the type of cancer, but how does alcohol increase the risk of suffering from it? The American Heart Society publishes some possible links: Read More

Alcohol abuse and detoxification

Christmas and New Year are traditional times when most people feel justified to indulge in the pleasures of alcohol after a long year of pressure caused by financial, work, family, work, school, boredom, and many pretexts. or more justifications. The first result of the drunkenness is the increase in family arguments, the abuse of minors and family members and can lead to a fierce brutality. Read More

Alcohol is related to incidence in cancer cases

One in 10 cancers in men, and 1 in every 33 women in Western Europe could be caused by alcohol consumption, according to a new study published in the British Medical Journal. The research studied information on more than 100 thousand men, and more than 200 thousand women in 8 European countries, between 37 to 70 years of age. Read More