50% of those who suffer a heart attack lose their lives

In accordance with César Rodríguez , president of Latin American Council of Cardiovascular Care , approximately 50% of the people who suffer a heart attack They lose their lives before they reach the hospital.

This condition represents the first cause of death in Mexico and the main risk factors to develop it are:

  1. Old age (over 65)
  2. Male sex
  3. Background with diabetes or live with this disease
  4. High blood pressure
  5. Smoke
  6. Have a diet rich in fat
  7. Cholesterol and / or triglycerides elevated
  8. Renal problems

Rodríguez Gilabert, affirms that most of the time, the heart attack It presents without any symptoms, but clarified that the most frequent is that of chest pain. In this case, the discomfort is experienced only in one part of the body and can spread from the chest to the arms, shoulder, neck, teeth, jaw, abdominal area or back.

You can also perceive sensations such as: indigestion , something heavy on the chest. The pain usually lasts more than 20 minutes.

In this regard, the experts of the Spanish Heart Foundation , they talk to you about the techniques to overcome a heart attack and improve the quality of life of patients:

Another recommendation is to have a balanced diet : reduced in fat and carbohydrates, practice, at least, 30 minutes ofexercise day and take life more lightly (control your stress) , so the techniques of meditation Y yoga , they are very effective.

What do you do to improve your quality of life?

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