1. From side

Do you struggle to buy pants, because it is difficult to find a size that fits your legs? With this mini routine, you can burn the excess fat from your thighs. Be constant and in a matter of days you will notice the change. 1. On the side On a mat, lie on your side, with your head held with the palm of your hand and your elbow resting on the floor. Lift the opposite leg, so that the tip of your feet is facing the ground, and low. Do 20 repetitions with each leg. Read More

Use of sports top

It is important that when you exercise, do not just warm up, use proper tennis, you hydrate, among others; but apply certain measures to protect your breasts. Take note. Use of sports top Look for one that is comfortable, with good support, stiffness in the cups and according to the size of your breasts. Otherwise, you can suffer back pain and even suffer a tear in the breast tissue. Make sure that when you use it and jump, your breasts do not bounce, to avoid the subsequent pain. Read More

Hip lift

Also called "Venus" are the small holes that are marked on the lower back and, being so attractive, are coveted by those who do not have them marked. The good news is that you can follow a small routine to define them in a short time. The only thing you need is perseverance. Hip lift Read More


After an exercise routine you can apply some measures to recover from the wear and tear of your body. Read More

Weight gain

Definitely something that is essential to keep fit and healthy is to exercise. The benefits are reflected both externally and internally. Therefore, it is important to detect the signs that indicate that you need to exercise. Read More

To put it into practice

Know 5 disciplines that will help you lower your belly. Put into practice these exercises that will help you lower your belly. Keep reading so you know how to lower your belly Read More

Exercise is basic in treatment vs cancer

According to a study conducted by researchers at the American College of Sports Medicine in Britain, revealed that people who are undergoing treatment for cancer, should practice between two and two and a half hours of exercise a week, to optimize their quality of life. Read More

What is the Plank?

Practicing plank for 4 minutes helps burn belly fat. Plank to tone belly and shape glutes, legs and arms. Plank is the ideal exercise to tone belly in 240 seconds. Read More