More effective than mental exercises

The pleasant sensation that occurs when having an orgasm can generate greater brain activity in the same as that caused by mental exercises, according to a study of the Rutgers University of New Jersey , U.S.

In this regard, researchers from the Department of Psychology of the University explain that having an orgasm activates a greater brain activity that could even block the sensation of pain.

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More effective than mental exercises

In accordance with Barry Komisaruk, neuroscientist and lead author of the study , orgasms can provide the brain with more complete training than doing a crossword or a sudoku, which activate fewer regions of the brain. brain that during the climax.

After applying a series of tests to a group of volunteers during the sexual climax, the specialists observed that at that moment an increase in the blood flow in the brain , so there are more active zones.

"What we have found is that during orgasm there is an impressive increase in blood flow and oxygen in the head, both nutrients very beneficial for the brain," says the specialist.

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Therapeutic uses of orgasm

After the results obtained from the female orgasms with magnetic resonances, which show that they can even block the brain regions related to pain, currently Komisaruk investigates its possible therapeutic uses.

In this sense, he explains that among his benefits they have observed that it helps relief of back pain, after vaginal stimulation. Improve the main systems of the brain , as the sensory or motor, and even, could have favorable effects against conditions such as stress, anxiety or depression.

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